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Choose happiness, an update

I am feeling chatty today. I just want to update you on the status of my mission to choose happiness. It’s going well. I have had minor irritations (by the handful) but they were just that – minor. I didn’t let them get me out of whack, and I glossed over them and moved on. I love those Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff books. I have a bunch of them, and I’ve been reading passages from them when I can. I have dropped Gracie at day care each morning with a different attitude, too. I am trying to look at … Read more

How she’s grown!

On the second of every month, I take photos of Gracie Anna with her rainbow bear and her giraffe chair. Joe and I planned this long before she was born to show her progression. It’s really amazing to see how she has grown. 5 days old 5 months old I love to see how she’s grown, since I don’t notice on a daily basis. Here are some more: 1 1/2 months 2 1/2 months 3 months 4 months 5 months

Choose happiness

For several years now, I have lived my life with the idea that having good days or having bad days was within my control. I have tried (with varying degrees of success) to choose to be happy and positive. It’s not always easy. Actually, it’s really difficult most of the time, and I often fail. Nonetheless, I keep trying. (Now that I think about it, my entire pregnancy was, more or less, a hiatus from this plan but I’m back on the wagon now.) All day today, I’ve been thinking about how sad I was to leave Grace this morning … Read more

I needed a laugh

I feel like I’m a few steps behind in my own life. We’ve gone away the last two weekends, and I’ve had no downtime. I’m exhausted (long night awake with the babe), I have a sore throat, I haven’t done any lesson planning or paper grading, I have piles of laundry waiting for me at home, I haven’t even checked the Tivo in a week, and my classroom is about 60 degrees. You know the feeling? I needed a little pick me up, so I checked out one of my favorite sites, It’s just fun. You should check it … Read more

Remember that movie called Mouse Hunt?

We reenacted that in my classroom this morning. I teach astronomy to high school students during first period. This morning, my 25 kids were learning about Venus. (More accurately, we were reviewing what they know about Venus, but that’s irrelevant to the current discussion.) I was writing on the board, and they were looking at me, when a mouse popped out from under the closet door, two or so feet away from me. I screamed (why??), causing it to run across the front of the room and into a small hole in the cabinet. For the next half hour or … Read more