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Mmmm, Gracie!

My baby is big. She’s 6 months old and bigger than a lot of toddlers. Her height and weight are both off of the doctor’s baby growth chart. So, when I get a photo of someone else’s kid attempt to chew on her, I have to laugh. This photo was taken by my friend Aimee’s husband over Thanksgiving weekend. I just love it.


When my niece, Devin, was two, our Grandma had a cat. Devin loved the cat, who she called “kee-tee.” Whenever she caught a glimpse of the poor old thing, she would squeal, laugh, shake all over, and run towards him. He typically had enough warning to get under the couch and out of her reach. She would then stoop down and peer at him from in front of the couch. If you mention that cat now, Devin says, “He loved me.” Uh, sure he did. Grace is already enamored with our four cats, and I’m just waiting for the kee-tee … Read more

PLEASE go to sleep

It’s 3:10pm, and I have been listening (mercifully, through the baby monitor) to my daughter scream for the last forty minutes. She refuses to go to sleep; she screamed until she threw up. She won’t nap unless she’s at day care. When she’s there, they change her diaper, give her a bottle, and rock her to sleep. She goes right down and sleeps for an hour or two at a time. When she’s at home, there are no naps. It doesn’t matter what we try, she cries and cries and won’t sleep. It’s probably my fault since I held her … Read more

A lucky girl

This morning, I had a moment. I was filling out Grace’s day care report when I noticed that Ms. Deb and Ms. Cyndi were really, genuinely excited to see my daughter. Day care is not a necessity, but a blessing. Nothing happened this morning that was any different than any other morning, but the whole thing appeared to me in a whole new light. My daughter has three part-time grandmas who love her, play with her, and dote on her, just like I would if I were there. They have so much momma experience that they know just what to … Read more

…but I ate them.

From time to time, my mother gets on this kick that my husband and I have an eating disorder. Fortunately, she hasn’t brought it up in a long time, but I was thought about it the other day. A student of mine is in the Girl Scouts and asked me to buy some candy for her troop’s fund raiser. I did and, for my $7, received ten quarter-sized peanut butter cups. Oh! I thought. Joe will love these! Peanut butter cups are his favorite candy and these are supposed to be gourmet. Unfortunately for Joe, I had to travel with … Read more