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Let’s be friends

I realize that I need to save some things to write about tomorrow, but I keep finding things that strike me. So here’s the next one.I found a terrific little blog called Let’s be friends. Readers submit pictures of strange animal friends, like the one at the left. They make me smile. Here’s another –

Choose happiness, an update

I am feeling chatty today. I just want to update you on the status of my mission to choose happiness. It’s going well. I have had minor irritations (by the handful) but they were just that – minor. I didn’t let them get me out of whack, and I glossed over them and moved on. I love those Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff books. I have a bunch of them, and I’ve been reading passages from them when I can. I have dropped Gracie at day care each morning with a different attitude, too. I am trying to look at … Read more

How she’s grown!

On the second of every month, I take photos of Gracie Anna with her rainbow bear and her giraffe chair. Joe and I planned this long before she was born to show her progression. It’s really amazing to see how she has grown. 5 days old 5 months old I love to see how she’s grown, since I don’t notice on a daily basis. Here are some more: 1 1/2 months 2 1/2 months 3 months 4 months 5 months

Choose happiness

For several years now, I have lived my life with the idea that having good days or having bad days was within my control. I have tried (with varying degrees of success) to choose to be happy and positive. It’s not always easy. Actually, it’s really difficult most of the time, and I often fail. Nonetheless, I keep trying. (Now that I think about it, my entire pregnancy was, more or less, a hiatus from this plan but I’m back on the wagon now.) All day today, I’ve been thinking about how sad I was to leave Grace this morning … Read more

I needed a laugh

I feel like I’m a few steps behind in my own life. We’ve gone away the last two weekends, and I’ve had no downtime. I’m exhausted (long night awake with the babe), I have a sore throat, I haven’t done any lesson planning or paper grading, I have piles of laundry waiting for me at home, I haven’t even checked the Tivo in a week, and my classroom is about 60 degrees. You know the feeling? I needed a little pick me up, so I checked out one of my favorite sites, It’s just fun. You should check it … Read more