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A theme

Remember in that movie, A Christmas Story, when Ralphie has to write a theme called “What I Want for Christmas?” That’s what I was thinking of as I wrote the following. What we did during our Christmas vacation Me – During my Christmas vacation, I drove for 22 hours. I drove all over the state of Pennsylvania in search of relatives with feasts. I found them, and they welcomed me. I slept in beds with my baby instead of my husband. I attended a funeral. I took pictures and changed diapers and visited. I shopped (a lot). Joe – During … Read more

Making a list and checking it twice

Our departure date has been pushed back to Saturday, thanks to my relatives. I haven’t pin down the real reason. The only upside is that we have an extra evening to exchange gifts and pack. Last night, I was able to bake loads of chocolate chip cookies and pecan bars and wrap some presents. Joe helped, too, so we’re rapidly catching up. We still have to deliver all of the cookies to our friends and neighbors, and that will take a real chunk of time. I wonder if it’s okay to send Joe and Gracie out to do it while … Read more

The perennially overwhelmed

I am overzealous about Christmas. I always have my Christmas shopping done way ahead of time (usually in the summer), and my gifts are always wrapped early in December and sitting under the tree. I make Christmas treats to share with friends and family, and I inscribe long, personal notes in all of my Christmas cards (sent out the day after Thanksgiving, of course). Except, not this year. This year, I had a baby. This year, I joined the ranks of the perennially overwhelmed. This year, I fell behind. In the next day and a half, I have to bake … Read more

Snow day!

I am a snow day maniac. I may well be worse than my students in that I await 2 hour delays, early dismissals, and snow days with overzealous glee. Earlier in the week, it became clear that there would be winter weather today, and I was delighted. Except that I decided to break the rules and purchased some mouse traps that my teacher neighbor installed for me in the closet. I wanted to go to school to get an update on the mouse problem. This morning, I groaned when I heard “2 hour delay” on the radio. Ugh! What is … Read more


in·fest (Ä­n-fÄ”ºst’) Pronunciation Key To inhabit or overrun in numbers or quantities large enough to be harmful, threatening, or obnoxious: rats infesting the sewers; streets that were infested with drugs. As you may know, I am a high school teacher. My school is right in the center of middle class suburbia, and we are not hurting for resources. In fact, I have a school-issue laptop and have been promised a fancy new interactive smart board to be installed by the end of 2007.Despite our greatness, my building has pest issues. First, mice were chewing through the candy in the vending … Read more

Mmmm, Gracie!

My baby is big. She’s 6 months old and bigger than a lot of toddlers. Her height and weight are both off of the doctor’s baby growth chart. So, when I get a photo of someone else’s kid attempt to chew on her, I have to laugh. This photo was taken by my friend Aimee’s husband over Thanksgiving weekend. I just love it.