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BYOC – bring your own chair

I love Thanksgiving. I love being taking stock of all of the things God has given me. I love spending time with my friends and family. I love preparing delightful dishes and watching the people I love devour them. I am thankful. My husband and I started hosting Thanksgiving dinner the year before we were married. We prepare for weeks ahead of time. I bake pies and mix casseroles. Joe cooks all morning on Thursday while my cranberry sauce simmers on the stove. We make our house sparkle. All of our nearby family members come over, and some of our … Read more

This isn’t nice, but it’s funny.

My friend Sara sent me a link this morning to this site. It’s hysterically funny. I loved reading all of the posters, and may even give some as gifts being that they fit my personality so well. My favorites: I am quite certain my mom would say this one sums up my entire person in one sentence. No comment needed on this one. I feel like this every time I have to interact with a certain coworker of mine.

The laptop wars

I grew up with a computer in the house, and I like to use it. I can do everything on the internet and would be happy to do so most of the time. I met my husband and a lot my friends online. I chat with family and friends. I shop online, listen to music online, read books online, get the news online, and learn online. I use the computer to work from home, make Christmas gifts, organize my recipes, store photos, and keep a diary. The computer is part of my personal identity. Joe calls my laptop my extra … Read more

My baby

My better-late-than-never Halloween costume picture What can I say? I adore her. She is all about drinking from a cup and eating big people food now. This is as messy as we ever get. Note the foot perched on the high chair. I can’t get her to stop that.