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Who reads blogs?

I have been thinking about this during the night, and I wonder if anyone will actually read my blog. I’m doing a bit of research now on the art of blogging, so we’ll see what I think after that.

And so it begins

I’ve been curious about blogging a time or two and thought I didn’t have the time. One of my Preggo Pal friends, Robyn, has a blog and I was inspired to try it out. I don’t know if I’ll keep up with it or not. We’ll see. As an ode to Robyn, here are Joe, Grace, and I as Simpsons:

My designs

I make and sell cards and invitations, Mommy business cards, scrapbooks, and all sorts of other projects. If you want something that’s not listed, please contact me to talk about your project needs. Come back often to see new samples of my work!

About Feels like Home

Why Feels like home?When I was growing up, my family moved all the time. It felt like we got settled in to a new home and new town, and then we moved. No place I lived ever really felt like home to me. When I graduated from college, I was determined to build a home for myself and never move again. At that point, I was a young woman who intended to be a single professional forever and aspired to be known as the neighborhood cat lady. But then I met my soul mate, and I quickly became his wife … Read more