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How to Host Thanksgiving The Easy Way – 11 More Tips

The best tips for how to host a healthy, fun Thanksgiving dinner for your family including menu and recipes whether it's your first time or you're a seasoned pro.

Hosting a big family dinner is a lot of work. I’m not going to sugarcoat it and make it seem like it’s not. You have to clean the house (always the biggest job for us!), prepare the menu, shop for the groceries, prep the food ahead of time, do all the cooking, clean up the meal, wash the dishes, and put all the leftovers away. And then clean the house again because inevitably, messes have been made, food has been spilled, and the tablecloth is dirty. It’s exhausting, right? But there are some things you can do to make your … Read more

How to Celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree

  I first learned about the Jesse Tree from a now defunct blog way back in 2009. I fully embraced the idea, creating fancy felt ornaments that first year and writing and rewriting devotions for my young family over the next couple of Christmas seasons. Eventually, at the urging of my local friends, I compiled my devotions into a (very rough) printable devotional for families with young children. I passed it out far and wide, and lots of friends were able to use it. A few years after that, when that early free ebook had been downloaded over 10,000 times, … Read more

The Best Southwest Chicken Marinade

The best southwest marinade recipe for chicken, shrimp, or steak - Uses balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and seasoning mixes with cumin and oregano to make a slightly spicy mixture for grilled chicken. It's awesome and delicious!

We joined a pool this year for the first time ever. It’s a magnificent pool with a large green space, lots of pavilions with gas grills, three pools, and a splash pad with a large water slide. We have spent many a summer day at the pool this year and, thanks to all those gas grills, we have eaten many grilled chicken breasts and hamburgers and hot dogs.  I personally prefer grilled chicken because it has the least calories and the most protein, but grilled chicken day after day was getting a little (or a lot) boring.  I don’t eat … Read more

50 Bible Verses Every Christian Kid Should Memorize

The best 50 Bible verses every Christian kid should memorize - These simple and easy verses for kids are encouraging and easy to memorize. The inspirational truths can help behavior and assist in parenting. They are short and easy for children to learn. Great for daily, weekly, or monthly scriptures, this list of verses is perfect for school or home.

I may have come to the church as an adult, but my husband and I are determined that our children should grow up in the church. The stories of the Bible are their stories, the traditions of the church are their traditions. The lingo of the church is their lingo. Part of being a part of the church is learning scriptures. I have posted before on how to memorize scripture as a family, but what verses exactly are you supposed to memorize with your kids? I compiled the list below, focusing on shorter, simpler, and easier verses that would have … Read more

117 Best Book to Movie Pairings for Kids, Teens, & Families – Part 1 (A-C)

The best book movie adaptations for kids, teens, and families. Even adults will love these pairings. Awesome picture books, kids books, and young adult books with movies to compare. Includes Harry Potter and both fiction and nonfiction, lots of stories about real life and fantasy. Great for homeschool.

My kids are movie junkies. They love watching movies and tv. I’m not so much now although I have been at different times in my past. What I do get behind 100% is books. I love love love books, and even my kids are totally in love with audiobooks. We listen every single time we get in the car, and we have listened to hundreds and hundreds of hours of books over the last five years. Every book we listen to is their new favorite (although I think Harry Potter might hold for a while). When I taught high school … Read more

Spicy Cajun Shrimp – Great Over Pasta or Rice

The best cajun shrimp skillet recipe. Can be served over pasta or rice. Makes a thick, rich sauce. Healthy and simple, this easy recipe is made with sweet chili sauce, Worcestershire, chili powder, sriracha, and other spices and seasonings. Sauteed like a stir fry in a pan or skillet.

I love spicy foods. I don’t like quite as much heat as I did in my younger days, but I still enjoy foods with big, bold flavors and a mild heat. This is one such recipe. The sauce of this recipe is what makes it fabulous. It takes the plain old shrimp to a whole new level, like what I imagine you’d get in New Orleans. I’ve never been there, but that’s what I think of when I eat this spicy Cajun shrimp. When you make this, you will want to marinate the shrimp for several hours, so plan ahead … Read more