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How to Be Happy – 20 Things to Stop Doing Today to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life

How to Be Happy - 20 Things to Stop Doing Today to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life - This smart list will improve your life now. People have a lot of bad habits, and to quit them will make things better for sure. These quotes and tips will help you to be satisfied and content with yourself and in your relationship with money. Everyday advice for women and men, moms, teens, and even kids.

I have written quite a bit about all the healthy, positive habits you could start doing to be more productive! and get more done! and be happier! and be healthier! and all that jazz, and I suspect that at least a few of you think, “Are you kidding me?” when you get one of those emails from me. I hear you. If someone told me one more thing that I should accomplish in the day, I might turn into a crazy person. Or eat a whole container of brownies. Probably the brownies. My point today is not to tell you all the … Read more

Know Thyself – Discover Who You Are With These 50 Questions

This beautiful, full color, printable 15-page guided journal can be used by women and tween and teen girls. The page templates guide the writer through a series of 50 questions, designed to get to know yourself and your desires for your life. Can be assembled with a binding for a full color journal. Simple, fun ideas for recording your thoughts on a variety of life subjects. Awesome inspiration for students, teachers, and homeschooling. Get to know yourself with these deep questions for reflection. Understand your thoughts and feelings about life. Discover truths about your happiness.

I have been having a series of strange dreams over the last couple of weeks. In the dreams, I am still a high school teacher (something I have not done for over 8 years). I’m also a full-time business analyst (something I have been for 5 years), and I’m having trouble deciding which career path to take. A friend in the psychology field once told me that you shouldn’t analyze the content of your dreams, but rather the feelings the dream invoke. Going along that line, the dream leaves me feeling confused and conflicted, unsure which path to take. Looking … Read more

29 Life Hacks for a Simpler Mom Life

29 Life Hacks for a simpler mom life - Useful tips and tricks that every girl and women should know. The best ideas for organization, mornings, and evenings.

Mom life is rough. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but just think about everything a mom does in the day: Wake up & rouse people for the day Get dressed & talk with people about their outfits (often involves argument) Make breakfast for more than herself Study the Bible & pray & work with people so that they learn to do the same Go to work & get people off to school (or teach them herself!) I could go on and on and on and on but you already know the deal. You basically have to do everything in … Read more

Be Internet Awesome – 7 Tips to Respect Your Kids in the Internet Age

Be internet awesome - Teaching parents how to show respect to their kids through their online internet behavior. Thoughts and truths on safe internet usage for parents, teachers, and kids. Words and pictures posted without thinking can hurt. These life lessons will work for boys and girls and men and women. #SaferInternetDay #BeInternetAwesome #Sponsored

  The first day of my grad school residency at Penn State was a tough one. There was big stuff of all varieties happening with Joe, our girls, and my sister at home, and I was living in a hotel room at Penn State for a whole week, meeting the strangers I would work closely with for the entire semester. Despite the picture of me you may have formed from my witty repartee on my blog, social situations really stress me out, and I was uptight and scared about meeting new people and feeling tortured over not being able to … Read more

How to Start A Journaling Habit

How to start a journaling habit - Whether you need ideas and inspiration for journaling for anxiety, depression, or just because, here are thoughts on improving your mental health by writing in a journal daily. This awesome creative guided journal is great for older children and students.

Eight years ago, as 7-week-old Allie lie in a hospital bed, struggling to breathe and fighting off RSV, I sat in her darkened room, praying and designing journal pages in Photoshop. My intention at the time was to start an indie business, creating and printing journals for shipping all over the world. I finished 68 journal pages that long week, each with a prompt and some kind of graphic, and bought fancy 32 lb premium paper in a specialty paper shop, and then – nothing. I never got around to actually making the journal prototype. Some other shiny thing caught … Read more

Cheese & Green Chile Oven Omelette

How to make a quick and easy oven omelette recipe with eggs, cheddar and cottage cheese and green chiles. Makes a simple low carb, keto, and paleo breakfast casserole without potatoes or bread. Perfect for busy families for mornings, breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even dinner. Could add bacon, baked ham, or sausage for a little extra oomph, but the vegetarian version is awesome on its own.

I have always eaten a lot of eggs. Starting when I was a little girl, my sister and I would walk to Old Grandma’s house (just down the dirt road a stretch or over the hill and across the field) and eat 2 fried eggs – yolks broken and hard – for breakfast with Grandpa. Later, I ate fried eggs in a restaurant when my dad took my little sister and I for breakfast. Then, when I became a vegetarian in college, I ate a whole lot of eggs as they were a reliable source of protein. When I moved … Read more