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Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Triangles

Simple and easy popsicle stick crafts for kids - These cute Christmas tree ornaments will make your home look great! Perfect for a quick craft for toddlers, preschoolers, kids, and teens! DIY holiday projects for boys or girls. Could also be used as awesome, unique picture frames.

Clearly, we had a giant party with popsicle sticks, stick-on pearls and gems, and glitter glue, right? We bought a whole bunch and then went to town on all kinds of ornaments including these traditional little trees.

If you're a new subscriber, you should know that I don't just post about crafts, but we are on a big Christmas crafting kick, so that's what you're getting right now. Things will return to normal soon.

I have made these little triangular trees at least five times in Grace's 8 years. I may even have posted them before here. They're just a fun and easy way to make trees (even easier than the last trees I posted since these don't involve any cutting).

If you used pre-colored popsicle sticks, it would make these even faster!


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Green paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paint palette or paper plate
  • Brown cardstock, textured if you can find it
  • Stick-on gems, pearls, or buttons
  • Glitter glue
  • Wooden stars or gold pompoms or larger gems for the tree topper


1. Glue the popsicle sticks in an equilateral triangle.


2. Paint the sticks green. My kids used a dark green for some of their trees and a light green for some. I didn't like the light green, but I kept my mouth shut.

I explained at the bottom of this snowflake tutorial why I let my kids' ornaments be however the girls made them. I think there's so much important stuff wrapped up in those blobs of glitter glue.


3. When the trees are dry, decorate them with jewels, pearls, buttons, or glitter glue.popsicle-stick-christmas-trees-preschoolers-allie2

4. Glue a tree topper on the tree.

5. Flip the tree over. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and hot glue a piece in a U shape on the back of the tree.


6. Cut a rectangle out of the textured cardstock and glue that onto the bottom for a tree trunk.


That's it. Attach a hook and hang on the Christmas tree. You're done!


I have to be honest. I don't like these as much as I liked the last trees I posted. I like the colorful ones better, but these are still nice. I especially like the pearly one Grace made that I put in the title image.


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