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50 Healthy After School Snacks

Quick, simple, easy, and healthy DIY ideas for after school snacks for your kids and teens! Include protein and carbs for a quick burst of energy that keeps them full all the way until dinner. Many can be on the go or at home or even for the classroom at school. Cheap, creative snack ideas to make.

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Even though we homeschool, my kids hit the mid-afternoon slump just like everyone else's. There's that point in the afternoon when all they want to do is lay around and watch tv.

Because they're hungry and thirsty and don't realize it.

So we do afternoon snacks, just like other families do after-school snacks. It's the same idea.

The key to a good afternoon snack is a source of protein. Whether you include nuts, eggs, dairy, or meats, the protein is key to filling their bellies and getting them back in the mood to play.

Tyson® Anytizers® snacks are great for afternoon snacking because they are packed with protein. These all-white meat chicken bites come in several delicious varieties, all offering simple preparation. Simply heat and serve!

Here are some of our favorite afternoon snacks:

  1. A cheese stick with a piece of fruit
  2. Apple or pear slices with peanut butter
  3. Tyson® Buffalo Style Boneless Chicken Wyngz* – Anytizers® snacks dipped in ranch dressing (My kids love buffalo chicken anything! They beg to have buffalo chicken dip for dinner even.)
  4. Fruit with dip (To make an easy dip, combine 1 cup Greek yogurt with 2 tablespoons each brown sugar and lime juice, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar)
  5. Granola bar
  6. Tyson® Honey BBQ Chicken Wyngz Anytizers® snacks with a glass of apple juice
  7. Fruit smoothie
  8. Ham roll-ups (Take a small tortilla, spread with Miracle Whip, top with a slice of cheese and a slice of ham. Roll up. Optional – slice it into pinwheels.)
  9. Graham crackers with peanut butter and thin apple or pear slices
  10. A handful of toasted almonds with a glass of milk
  11. Tortilla chips with fresh guacamole
  12. Tyson® Popcorn Chicken Anytizers® snacks with honey mustard for dipping
  13. Nutella drink with a piece of fruit (Mix 2 tablespoons Nutella with 6 ounces of milk. When well-blended, pour in 4 ounces of cold seltzer.)
  14. 2 fig bar cookies with toasted almonds
  15. A handful of honey roasted peanuts with a few chocolate chips mixed in (This is a rare treat, obviously not an everyday snack.)
  16. Tyson® Homestyle Chicken Fries Anytizers® snacks with honey mustard or ketchup for dipping
  17. Pretzel rods with peanut butter or Nutella for dipping
  18. Homemade peanut butter crackers with sliced strawberries in the middle
  19. Homemade cheese quesadilla triangles
  20. A cheese stick with black olives (bonus points if they're the colossal size that the kids can stick on their fingers)
  21. Banana chips with a glass of milk
  22. Apple chips with peanut butter for dipping
  23. Half of a bagel with low fat cream cheese and a dusting of cinnamon
  24. A hard-cooked egg (make perfect hard boiled eggs with these tips)
  25. An egg in the hole
  26. Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and re-frozen (probably no protein here but they're really tasty)
  27. Grapes with almonds
  28. BBQ Chicken sandwich (Cut one slice of bread in half. Top with Tyson® Honey BBQ Chicken Wyngz* Anytizers® snacks, cut in half to make them flat. Add a slice of cheese and the other half of the bread.)
  29. Applesauce and a slice of cheddar cheese
  30. Mini pizzas made on English muffins
  31. Trail mix
  32. A small bowl of cereal with milk
  33. Cheese cubes with honey mustard for dipping
  34. Pickles with cheddar cheese
  35. Feta cheese (My kids eat feta with a spoon. Anyone else's?)
  36. Rice cakes with peanut butter and fruit on top
  37. Rice cakes with Nutella and fruit on top
  38. Cinnamon toast spread thick with butter (Does butter count as a protein?)
  39. Cheesy bread (Put a thick slice of cheese on top of a piece of bread and put it under the broiler for 2 minutes, until it melts.)
  40. A frozen Go-Gurt
  41. Cottage cheese with apple butter
  42. Cottage cheese with peaches or pineapple
  43. A yogurt parfait (Layer their favorite yogurt flavor with fresh fruit and granola, then repeat the layers.)
  44. Homemade instant pudding (It's made with milk, right?)
  45. A scrambled egg with ketchup
  46. Strawberries with Nutella for dipping
  47. Graham crackers with Nutella for dipping
  48. Tyson® Popcorn Chicken Anytizers® snacks with half of a frozen waffle (Chicken and Waffles are a real thing.)
  49. Cucumber sticks and Tyson® Homestyle Chicken Fries Anytizers® snacks with ranch for dipping
  50. Kid sushi (No fish involved)

Here are the girls picking up our latest batch of Tyson® Anytizers® snacks at Walmart.

after-school-snack-ideas afternoon-snack-ideas

We buy Tyson® Anytizers® snacks because they are a quick, easy, and great tasting snack to have on hand. We also love that Tyson Project A+ will give back to our local schools and homeschool groups.

Tyson Project A+ is simple. All you have to do is clip the Tyson Project A+ labels from the back of the Tyson® products you already buy! You give them to your school, and the school can redeem them – for 24¢ a label. Those labels will add up quickly!

More products have Tyson Project A+ labels than what I've mentioned here. Check out the Tyson Project A+ site or Walmart's website for more details.

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