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When Calls the Heart Season 2 Wrap Up

When Calls the Heart - Saturdays at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel

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The When Calls the Heart season finale is tomorrow night! This is it #Hearties!

I’m pretty sad about the season ending, but I’m super excited to see what happens in tomorrow night’s finale (at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel).

This season has been an exciting one, with Elizabeth traveling back and forth between Hope Valley and Hamilton twice. The first time, Jack escorted her back because her mother was ill, and the second time, he escorted her back because her sister and his brother were in an automobile crash together. During this second visit, things became strained between the two of them.

Part of the tension between Elizabeth and Jack came when her father offered him a job. She was delighted that her father accepted him and offered him a spot in the company, and she encouraged him to take advantage of the opportunity. Jack saw the offer as a move to change and control him, and he’s not having any of that. He politely declined the offer to Mr. Thatcher and told Elizabeth about it.

The relationship between Elizabeth’s sister, Julie, and Jack’s brother, Tom, has been developing. They are secretly in love, despite their families’ objections to the relationship. Things become public when Julie gives Tom permission to drive her father’s car. She talks him into letting her drive, and she crashes the vehicle, causing them both to be injured. Tom is hurt badly enough to be hospitalized for a short time. Mr. Thatcher wants to press charges against Tom, but he agrees not to if Tom leaves town and stays away.

Another storyline that I’ve really become interested in lately is the budding relationship between Rosemary and Lee, the owner of the new sawmill in Hope Valley. Rosemary is Jack’s former girlfriend who left him years earlier but tracked him down in Hope Valley to rekindle their romance. After much pursuit, he finally convinced her that he wasn’t interested. She is a flamboyant character, an actress and musician. Anyway, she is being courted by the owner of the sawmill, and she appears to be interested in him as well. I thought things were going well for them, but then, last week, he brought up the possibility of getting engaged, and she turned him down. I was upset about that development!

There’s one more burgeoning romance that I’m interested in, and that is between Abigail and the town’s minister. Not much has happened between them, but they are talk frequently and things appear to be cozy between them. I hope they’re in the season finale tomorrow night.

(There are things besides romances going on like the nefarious Mr. Gowan targeting Abigail’s Café, the town gossip badmouthing Abigail in the store, and Bill Avery’s dubious dealings with the counterfeiting organization. I’m just not as interested in those. So you’ll have to watch for yourself to learn about them.)

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