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When Calls the Heart, Season 2: Episodes 1-3

When Calls the Heart - Saturdays at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel

We’re three episodes in to the second season of When Calls the Heart. I’d love to know what you think so far! Leave a comment below.

If you missed an episode or two, here’s what’s been happening:

The coal mine was closed when the mining company was found by a judge to have covered up dangerous working conditions leading to the explosion that killed most of the town’s men. The town was renamed Hope Valley, and a sawmill opened up to provide jobs to the town’s men who were left unemployed when the mine closed.

Elizabeth went home to care for her sick mother and met up with an old friend named Charles. They were very cozy, and her family was not afraid to say so (and hoped they’d get even cozier!). Charles knew a doctor who cured Mrs. Thatcher’s ailment, leaving the family fawning over him more than ever.

Abigail met the young woman her son married two days before his death in the mining accident. Her name is Clara, and she came to live in Hope Valley during last week’s episode.

Mountie Jack spent all his free time – and his own money – to build a new church and school for Hope Valley. He worked tirelessly with the owner of the new sawmill to make sure it would be done before the new school term began.

Elizabeth heartily enjoyed her time at home with her family and old friends, but eventually realized that her heart was back with Jack and the children of Hope Valley. She returned in time for the new school term.

In last week’s episode, Elizabeth volunteered to care for two children when their father was called away. She got up early to muck stalls in the barn, milk the cow, and prepared meals (despite her notoriously bad cooking skills) for the children. Mountie Jack came to help out (despite her protests that he needn’t), and the two of them enjoyed a tender moment – until Elizabeth fell asleep. She missed him saying that he loves her!

I’m dying for a second kiss between Jack and Elizabeth, but that hasn’t happened yet. (Who isn’t? Seriously.)

The episodes are so rich, and there is really a lot more happening than I’ve captured here. Mr. Gowan, the town’s bad dude, is up to no good (as usual), Rosemary, Jack’s former girlfriend, got kidnapped and was saved by Jack, and there’s a big mystery about Bill Avery, Abigail’s suitor. And more, of course.

You’ll have to watch it for yourself to get it all straight.

Give When Calls the Heart a try on Saturday nights at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel and see if you don’t get hooked, too! Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.25.34 PM

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