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God of Miracles {A Prayer from The Lucado Treasury of Bedtime Prayers}

God of Miracles from Lucado Treasury of Prayers - Prayers for kids to say. Great ideas for children to say at bedtime, at night, in the morning, or any time of day. Mom can help build faith and trust in Jesus. Beautiful prayer for the heart.

God of Miracles

by Max and Denalyn Lucado


Dear God,

You are a God of Miracles,

Some I see and some I don’t.


You make a flower bloom

From a tiny seed in dirt.

You make my heart be kind

When I’d really like to hurt.


You made the oceans salty,

The sky so bright and clean.

And, God, You help to me forgive

When a friend is being mean.


You are a God of miracles

And some I understand.

You love creating beauty

In hearts and on the land.


This poem and prayer comes from the book, Lucado Treasury of Bedtime Prayers: Prayers for bedtime and every time of day! by Max and Denalyn Lucado.

It’s a beautiful treasury of prayers and poems for little and big kids. Some come from the Bible, some are traditional, and some are original.

You’ll love reading it with your little ones, I promise.

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