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12 Secrets of a Fun Mom

How to be a Fun Mom - Ideas, tips, & activities to help you be the mom you've always wanted to be to your kids. Makes parenting a lot more simple. This encouragement about what makes a good mom will lift your spirits and help you to relate to your children.

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Feels Like Home is about living a beautiful, messy life.

About getting your hands dirty, enjoying your family, living fully in every moment.

Being the mom you want to be.

Being the mom you want your kids to remember.

Creating the childhood you want them to remember.

I've written a great little e-guide to help. It's only 6 pages – a quick and easy read – but it gives you 12 secrets of a Fun Mom, a mom whose kids have fun every day.

(Being a Fun Mom is not the easiest way to parent, but it is the most rich, most rewarding, and most fulfilling way.)

12 Secrets of a Fun Mom is absolutely free to email subscribers. If you're already a subscriber, but you haven't received an email with your download code, put your email address into the form below, and the form will generate an email with a download link for you. Don't worry – you'll still only get one email from me per blog post. (It's kind of magic like that.)

I would love for you to take advantage of this free offer. Download the guide, READ IT, and implement the secrets. I can't wait to hear about the changes you're making in your life.


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