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How to Make Easy Marzipan Snowmen

how to make marzipan snowmen - crafts and activities for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, and older kids. Marzipan is easy to work with, and children love to play with the sweet dough!

Since our marzipan piggies experiment earlier this year, we have been wanting to make more marzipan candies. They taste amazing, and making them is like playing with play dough.


how to make marzipan snowmen

  • Marzipan – I tried to find marzipan in the store before, and I couldn't. Neither could I find almond meal to make my own. I have since purchased marzipan from this seller on Amazon. It tastes homemade (probably because it is), and it keeps for a good long while. We kept it for weeks before, and it was as pliable as ever.
  • Powdered sugar – Pour this into a small, flat dish for easier rolling.
  • A carrot or three
  • Food Writers or other edible markers – We couldn't find our black marker, so we used a blue one. Food markers are really fun, so if you don't have some, you should get them.


1. Cut a slice of marzipan off the loaf. Roll it into three balls – a big, a medium, and a small.

how to make marzipan snowmen

2. Roll each ball in the powdered sugar.

how to make marzipan snowmen

3. Smoosh your three balls together to make a snowman.

how to make marzipan snowmen

4. Decorate your snowman with a carrot slice and the food markers.

Allie made a sort of melted snowman puddle, as can be expected of a three-year-old. She actually broke her piece of marzipan into two smaller pieces and made two different snowman puddles. She had a lot of fun making balls and rolling them in the powdered sugar (which she later turned into snow all over the kitchen table when I wasn't paying attention).

how to make marzipan snowmen

Our finished snowmen. Grace initially made the short, chubby fellow at the top right, but then decided she wanted to make Olaf and things went a little weird. She needed carrot slivers instead of whole baby carrots, but she wanted to do it all by herself and I, of course, let her do just that.

how to make marzipan snowmen

Have you ever made marzipan snowmen?

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