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What to Do With Your Kids This Summer

what to do with my kids this summer

Do you ever sit and look at your kids and wonder, “What am I going to do with them today?!” what to do with my kids this summer

I'll admit it. I occasionally wonder that.

A morning of tv turns into a day of tv and a day turns into a few days, and suddenly, a week of my precious time with my precious kiddos has passed.

Or worse, my precious kiddos start fighting with each other because they are bored with their toys and bored with tv and bored with the whole house.

They seem much less precious when they're fighting.

Schools are letting out where I live, and parents are coming face to face with the long, blank slate of the summer.

Even though my kids are home year-round, a long, blank summer slate looms in front of me as well.

During the year, we have art class and music class and Bible study and other structured activities that provide us with a plan for each week. While they do have time to sit and play and be (and I try to schedule a day or two a week when we're just at home for cleaning, playing, and relaxing), they do not have so much of it that they get bored or get in trouble. Every week has things to look forward to.

what to do with your kids this summerThe Confident Mom came to my rescue last summer with her Summer Survival Calendar and Planner. She suggests an activity for every single day of May, June, July, and August. Her activities come from many different blogs and websites, but she compiles them in a central location with a convenient list of required supplies and a Best Summer Ever action guide.

Today's activity? Make Snickers fudge in honor of National Fudge Day.

Tomorrow is World Juggler's Day, so make homemade juggling balls and learn to juggle.

Wednesday is International Picnic Day, so you can make some toy parachutes and play with them after a picnic in the park.

On Thursday, make water bombs that you can use all summer long.

On Friday, make healthy strawberry ice cream floats for Ice Cream Soda Day.

Saturday is the first day of summer, so make some root beer sherbet.

If you want to know what comes next, you'll have to buy the Summer Survival Calendar and Planner! If you use the coupon code in tomorrow's email newsletter, you can get the whole MEGA bundle for only $9 – and that includes the calendars from 2010-2013 as well as this year's calendar, supply lists, and the Best Summer Ever guide!

Susan makes it so easy to have a rich summer, full of excitement and fun.

The best thing about this calendar is that there's no pressure. Because it starts in May, you have 45 extra days' worth of activities to fill in or substitute.

Seriously, no pressure. You might be able to do two activities a week. Maybe four. Maybe more or maybe less. Choose whatever helps you to have a fun summer with your kids – the summer you all deserve.

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