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Born a Cat Person

You're either born a cat person or you're not.

I was born an animal lover. My mom was an animal lover, and my Grandma was an animal lover.

When I was a little girl, we lived way out in the boonies in a trailer in a field across the road from Old Grandma and her fields.

If you’ve ever lived in the country, you know that animals just sort of show up. We always had dogs and cats running around, and my mom liked ducks, so we had a flock of them too.

I always wondered why we never had any ducklings, and it was only when I was an adult that my mother told me that we ate the eggs. Talk about traumatic.

We had two dogs, Thunder and Spot. Thunder was a black jumpy dog, and he was always tied up at the far end of the garden. He had a nice roof and a doghouse, and we went out there and played with him sometimes.

Spot was born at Old Grandma’s (but I don’t remember who his mother was), and my little sister and I dragged him home every day.

My mom returned him to his momma every evening.

The next day, we’d sneak him out again.

We were too little to understand that he was too little to be away from his mother. He was soft and cuddly and round, and we wanted him to be ours.

So we stole him every day, despite Old Grandma’s daily admonishments.

Then there were the cats. I can’t say that the cats were my favorites then (because really, I loved them all equally), but I am 100% a cat person now.

The first cat I remember was Tom Cat, a sleek black kitty who slipped in and out of our trailer, constantly running from little children.

Before long, Tom Cat brought home Momma Cat, and together, they had lots of little kittens. I don’t remember all the kittens, but I know there was a Patches in there somewhere.

I remember finding the litter of kittens and picking them up and loving them every day. Then Momma Cat would object and move them to an alternate location, which we would again discover in a day or two. This went on until the kittens were running around on their own (usually away from us).

There were no video games back then, so we did a lot of animal hunting.

Old Grandma had a cat named Butch too, but I think he came home with my older sister and didn’t belong to Tom Cat and Momma Cat.

Isn’t it funny what you remember from your childhood?

I share all of this to tell you that I have a long history of pampering my pets.

cat people

In my last cat post, I told you all about my cats, the cats I’ve had on my own, but my love for felines began more than twenty years before I adopted George and Gracie. It began with Tom Cat and Momma Cat and all their progeny.

I think all cats deserve the very best. They deserve food formulated without corn, wheat, soy, or gluten. They deserve food with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Only SHEBA® cat food gives my cats the food they deserve.  


I’ve always gone out of my way to pamper my kitties.  When Zeus wants to shred a cardboard box, he can find one. When Little Max wanted to hide in a bag, there was a bag waiting.


When itty-bitty baby Max needed the best food for his immature digestive system, I knew that all SHEBA® Entrées are made from carefully selected, high quality ingredients for an irresistible taste.


(In fact, your cat is guaranteed to love SHEBA® cat food, or you’ll get your money back.)

How do you spoil your cats? Leave me a comment and tell us all about it. 

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