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What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day plus $100 giveaway from HoneyBaked Ham


What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

Do you know what you’re getting for Mother’s Day?

Will it be a hug or a smile or a few words? Those things are precious, but I think you deserve a bit more.


If you do not ask for what you would like on Mother’s Day, you are unlikely to receive that thing. Your spouse and your children are incapable of reading minds, and many are not so good at interpreting what feels to you like totally obvious hints.

Allow me to do you a favor. What follows are the things I would like for Mother’s Day. If any of them speak to you, print this post (you can download a printable list below), highlight or circle the things you want and add your own at the bottom, and hand it to your spouse.

Then he will know for sure what you would like.

If he knows for sure what you would like, he will probably go out of his way to make it happen.

But you have to make sure he knows exactly what you want.

This is a sponsored post.

What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

  1. Breakfast in bed after she sleeps in â€“ I get breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day and on my birthday every year. It’s very simple. It might be an omelet with a glass of juice or a bowl of cereal. It always comes with a homemade card and lots of hugs and kisses.
  2. A whole afternoon to herself without any obligations (and not caring for the children). Moms’ night out would be nice, too.
  3. A HoneyBaked Ham and meal so that she doesn’t have to make dinner on her special day
  4. Her favorite dessert, either homemade or from HoneyBaked. Make it a gluten-free peanut butter pie for me, please.
  5. A nice homemade gift – I’m not talking about a kids’ craft that you tuck away in a drawer. I’m talking about something nice that you can hang outside or actually use. Something like:
  6. A mom journal – This is something that Joe started for me last year, and I treasure it completely. Each of my daughters made a page for Mother’s Day, my birthday, and for Christmas. Grace’s pages had notes and drawings. Allie’s pages were scribbles. Joe wrote their names and the exact date on the bottom of the page. As they get older, I expect they might write me letters, but for now, I’m loving their drawings and notes. This year, I have printed out a Mother’s Day booklet from Celebrate Every Day With Me for each of my girls to complete for inclusion in my notebook.
  7. A collection of favorite memories or things you and the kids love about her. These could go on index cards on a ring, on pages in the journal above, on slips of paper in a box or jar – presentation options are limitless.
  8. Take care of her car. Wash it, clean it out, vacuum it. Take care of the details inside and out, then fill up the tank.
  9. Hire a housekeeper to come for a deep cleaning.
  10. Jewelry – I’m a sucker for mom jewelry, especially the personalized kind. Lisa Leonard is amazing. I also like the charm bracelets with lampwork beads and dangly charms.
  11. A brand new set of 400-thread-count sheets.
  12. A new camera – All moms take lots of pictures. If you’re tired of trying to make your camera phone take the perfect shot, you might want to ask for a real camera.
  13. A mani-pedi or other spa treatment

Download a printable list of What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day


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403 thoughts on “What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day plus $100 giveaway from HoneyBaked Ham”

  1. I would like new curtains for the kitchen for Mothers Day and a new curtain rod. Also, help in installing the rod and hanging the curtains! : )

  2. For Mothers day, I would be happy with my family making breakfast for me and I’d love some flowers.

  3. I just want to spend time with my mom (might be her last) and with my daughter, don’t care what we do, just time together.

  4. Honestly all I really want for Mother’s Day is a nice cooked breakfast, a cup of tea and a day of my children not arguing 🙂

  5. I would love time to read books and take a soak in the tub! Would also love a nice cooked in meal! 🙂

  6. Sometimes I forget they can’t read my mind! Lol… I want my kids to clean their bedrooms and try not to fight or talk back and make Mothers Day a happy relaxing day for me! Oh, and something pretty (flowers or jewelry) and something calming (massage/facial/pedi gift cards) would be fabulous too!

  7. I’d also like to win a Homeybaked Ham for Mother’s Day! That certainly would take a lot of complication out of the “how to celebrate” question… Who cooks and hosts: me, my sis in law, a restaurant? I also love your mom journal idea… Think I may have to get my kids started on that one!

    • It’s so easy. All you need is a binder, a 3-hole punch or page protectors, and some plain white paper with drawing supplies. You’ll cherish it forever.

  8. I am an email subscriber! 🙂

    Sweetie pie, you need a “jump to bottom” button – my finger is getting tired scrolling thru all these comments. Look at all these comments – awesome!!

  9. I just joined Pintrest earlier this week… And you are now the first person I have followed!! Reich17370

  10. I shared your post in Facebook, and included a comment with my wishes for Moms Day and hopefully my hubby will get an idea or two there!! I really hate to “ask” for gifts – I always hope they know me well enough to select a gift I’d love… I’m all about “it’s the thought that counts”. TinaReich

  11. Email subscriber #3 entry

    Ps- how do I change my avatar on here? I don’t like being the weirdo pizza guy 😉 Love you girl!

  12. I want a spa day – (and I know this sounds terrible….) – away from the hubby and kids – a day to be alone with my thoughts !!!

  13. For Mother’s Day, I would love to to be able to get the whole family together for a nice dinner with Mom. It’s in the works!

  14. For Mother’s day, for myself, I think it would be lots of fun for the kids to serve me breakfast in bed and THEN to have the hubby clean up the mess before I even get out of bed.

  15. comment 1: I’m not a parent, but I know my mom wants me to come home for a visit on mothers day.

  16. I am now following “Feels Like Home” on facebook. I would love to be taken out to dinner at a nice restaurant by my sons for Mother’s Day.

  17. For Mother’s Day I would love it if my husband and kids would bake me a really decadent chocolate fudge cake. If they made then I would have to eat without feeling guilty!

  18. I want to spend time with my babies. I would also love to be spoiled by my sweetie.

  19. What I want for Mother’s Day is a clean house, washed car, and to sleep in late…… Entry 1

  20. For Mother’s Day I would like to travel to Georgia and spent the day with my Mom. Comment #2

  21. I would love to get a new jacket for mothers day! I can really use one and it is a practical gift that I would get a lot of use out of!

  22. I would love to have a spa day to myself while my kids clean the house! That would be an amazing surprise Mothers Day gift that I have never received before!

  23. For Mother’s Day, I’d love it if my son were able to find a job. Not only would it help financially, but it would boost his confidence.

  24. I just want someone to cook for me on Mother’s day and to spend time with my kids and my grandkids.

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