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A Valentine for Grandma

Allie wrote with a pen on the front of her homemade Valentine card.

Me: “Allie, who is this Valentine for?”

Allie: “It's for Grandma.”

Me: “Old Grandma?”

Allie: “No, my other Grandma.”

{cue my tears}

Me: “You want to make a Valentine for Plain Grandma?”

Allie: “Yes. I write her a letter. See, right here?”

Me: “I see.”

Grandma's Valentine

So she wrote her letter and glued on her hearts, front, back and inside.

And then she glued the whole thing shut which seemed oh so appropriate for a card with nowhere to go.

Allie: “Mommy, you crying?”

Me: “Yeah. Mommy's crying a little bit.”

Allie: “Mommy, you sad?”

Me: “Just a little sad.”

I wiped my nose and my tears and breathed in a deep breath and picked up a new card for her to decorate.

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