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Looking for Bilingual Readers to Translate the Jesse Tree Devotional

How to Celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree

My Jesse Tree Devotional has now been downloaded over 18,500 times.

It continues to spread across the internet, even though a third of Advent has already passed. In the last 5 days, it has been downloaded over 2,000 times.

I am amazed and humbled and excited to be a part of something that is able to touch so many lives.

Over the last couple of weeks, I counted profits of my friends who sell their Advent ebooks and real books, and I’ve been feeling a little down. I’ve been feeling a little small.

I thought, “If I charged even $1.99 for this, I would have made over $35,000 by now.”

Then I felt really foolish – for giving away something I worked so hard on, for giving away something that people are obviously willing to pay for. Self pity set in.

I told my best friend about it, and she said, “Girl!” (Because she always says girl!) “God will bless you in other ways. You just wait.”

And she was right. Concert tickets in exchange for blog coverage, advertising revenue, opportunities.

When you cede to the will of God, He rewards you in other ways.

Advent 2014

I received an email this weekend from a woman in The Netherlands. She asked if she may have my permission to translate my Jesse Tree ebook into Dutch.



It won’t be available before next year, but the Jesse Tree Devotional WILL be available in at least one other language.

For free, just like it is now.

Her email planted a seed for me, a new goal. My new goal for Advent 2014 is to offer the Jesse Tree Devotional in at least 4 languages – English, Dutch, and two more.

Do you know someone who may able to translate it into another language?

It wouldn’t be as much work as it sounds. There are only a few words per page that need translated, in addition to the Bible verse (which you could copy from your language-specific Bible) and the song (which could be substituted for a suitable song in your language).

Jesse Tree for children

If you know someone who could help, please send them my way.

The ebook is free, and the translation will be a labor of love. (In other words, there’s no payment.) But I know that God will put this in front of the right people (just like he put it in front of me and the woman whose family speaks Dutch).

If you know someone who can help, please have them email me [email protected]. I can get them set up with the Word versions of the files and work out the details.

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