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Finding Camaraderie in Motherhood When Your Friends Aren’t Around

"Mommy, you my bess fwen."

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I have a friend who says I’m not supposed to text her between the hours of 5 pm and 7 pm. She’s busy making and serving dinner, helping with homework, cleaning up dinner, and putting her kids to bed during that time.

I work online during those times, so the thought of her needing that time to accomplish offline (and away from the phone) stuff baffled me for a minute.

Who am I supposed to text when Allie hugs my neck and declares me her bess fwen? That’s not something I can keep to myself, and I can’t call my mom.

There is such a place, and it’s called

It’s a place to turn to 24/7 to share the mundane (but maddening or wonderful or eye-roll-inducing) details of your day.

Or the super cute thing your 6-year-old just did.

Or get a vote of confidence when your toddler wakes up again at 2 am.

Not only can you go to to share your stuff, you can respond to other moms’ stuff with support, encouragement, and wisdom (especially if you’re an old pro at this mothering business). I’ve even seen moms sharing blog posts and articles to support and encourage each other.

One of the best things is that there are no labels. There aren’t girl moms and boy moms or single moms or moms of seven or more. It’s just moms, period. One group doing the mom thing the best we can.

This mom thing is not for sissies, you know.

I know you know.

The community is nice, but my favorite thing about is the ability to create Mom Moments. You can use your own photos or one of their cartoons (which I love); they’re like those e-cards you see all over Pinterest and Facebook.

The one at the top of the post is my favorite, but here’s another.

She dances for no reason.

And then there’s this one I made when I was super frustrated and removed all the Christmas ornaments from the tree (I never put them back on, by the way.)

She thinks the Christmas Tree is her personal toy box.

You can share your Mom Moments as well as other moms’ moments in social media (feel free to share mine, too!), and you can Like and reply to them as well. It’s a social network just for moms.

Because, as you know, Hey! Me, too! goes a long way in making us feel like we’ve got this mom thing under control.

(Wait, who ever feels like that?!)

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