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What To Do During Your Quiet Time with God

What to do during your quiet time with God - Ideas, tips, and suggestions for making time for Bible study and reading and prayer even with children. Words with Jesus are important for building faith in your life and quiet time is the perfect time for this to happen. Time with the Lord God is vital to the Christian walk.

Anyone who’s ever made a major life change knows that it happens one small step at a time.

Eating better, drinking more water, exercising regularly, handling money more responsibly, getting more sleep, spending time daily with God. All of these goals are hard to achieve, requiring big adjustments to my everyday lifestyle, but those big adjustments never seem to stick. Small changes, baby steps, are a lot easier to implement and a lot easier to maintain.

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So my one small step was a daily quiet time.

When I first started incorporating quiet time into my mornings, I was diligent about doing it every day.

what to do during quiet time

I had to find ways to make quiet time work when my kids were awake (and often harassing me).

Recently, it hasn’t gone as well as I wanted. This past week, I only managed one day. The days when I didn’t have quiet time were harried and frantic, and I felt pulled in a hundred directions while I accomplished absolutely nothing.

It makes such a difference. I can’t overestimate the difference those twenty to thirty minutes of peaceful time make in my day.

I’ve had a few emails asking me just how I have this quiet time, so I thought I’d share that below.

what to do during quiet time

What To Do During Your Quiet Time with God

Quiet time, for me, happens during breakfast, so I set my materials out before I grab my food. Once I’m seated at the table, here’s my plan:

  1. Pray – This is simple, asking God to fill me with the Spirit and to open my mind and heart to the message He has for me. I don’t journal this.
  2. Search the Word – Find any scripture that comes up for me during prayer or has been on my mind. (This doesn’t always happen.)
  3. Open up my current Bible study – If nothing distracts me, I open up to where I’ve left off in Breaking Free. It is full of scripture – references literally in every paragraph. I look up every reference, reading the verses before and after and the footnotes in my Study Bible. Sometimes, I open up the YouVersion Bible app on my phone and read the passage in several different versions. I record any verses that pierce me in my journal. I go back and forth between the Bible study book and the Bible until I am satiated, until my brain and heart can hold no more.
  4. Ruminate – Then I do nothing. For as long as I can (because my kids are right there and often wanting my attention), I meditate on whatever has impacted me from my reading.
  5. Pray – This is the prayer I write in my journal. I record any scriptures God has impressed upon my heart. I record my gratitude, my interpretation, my requests, whatever comes. This is almost a free writing for those of you who’ve studied writing. I just write what my heart tells me to write.

I rarely get a full half hour, so sometimes I stop in the middle and have to come back later. It works. As I said in a previous post, it’s the beginning of a conversation, so as long as I get to step 3, the dialogue is open. I can get a snack, squash a squabble, play Barbies, read a book, or whatever else my kids need me to do while I ruminate on His Word. It percolates and rattles around in my little brain.

What I don’t get to every day is the written prayer. I wish I could, but I don’t.

This is a season of my life; I think He understands.

Everyone’s quiet time is different.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your quiet time method and those of other women, too. I feel honored to be included in your list!

    You shared some great strategies. It’s always great to get new ideas and mix it up sometimes.

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