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Waterpik’s PowerSpray+ EasySelect Makes Hair Washing Easy

This is a sponsored post.

When mothers get together, one of the topics we frequently discuss is showering.

I know, it’s captivating.

But seriously, I bet you can remember the last time you sat down with your mom friends and the topic of showers or showering came up.

When our babies are small, we talk about when and how to shower without our wee ones screaming their heads off. As they get older, we worry about our toddlers getting hurt or tearing the house apart.

We wish we could spend a little extra time soaking up the steamy water before little hands come pawing and calling “Mommmmmy!”

My kids are 6 and 2, and the topic just came up among my friends two weeks ago.

Showering is a concern for almost all mothers.

I solve the problem by not doing it.


And bathing our children?!

I don’t do that, either. I just let them go around in public all messy and dirty.

Okay, not really.

Only sometimes.

Waterpik's new PowerSpray+┞¢ EasySelect® Hand Held Shower Head

Anyway, we got Waterpik’s new PowerSpray+┞¢ EasySelect® Hand Held Shower Head a few days ago, and we have all bathed with it.

Here’s what happened.

First, it took Joe four tries to get the shower head working. It wasn’t as easy as he thought (and maybe he didn’t follow the directions), but he eventually got it working.

I showered first. I played with all five of the settings. I like that it’s easy to change the settings; there’s a big switch on the handle.

The shower head is huge, which leaves a sort of empty spot in the center on the normal full spray, but otherwise, it has a nice steady stream with great water pressure. There’s also a water-saving setting for when you are soaping up and whatnot.

There is a misty spray feature, which is like standing under Niagara Falls on the deck of the Maid of the Mist. I hated that at first, but it is now my favorite feature. More on that below.

I’m not currently having any back spasms (but often do), so I am looking forward to trying power spray and the massage settings when I need them.

Joe showered after me (it was date night), and he thought it was terrific. He’s a man. What other opinions does he have?

Then the kids got in the bathtub.

Both of my kids have had hair washing issues practically since birth. Grace has gotten better (because she can mostly wash her own hair now), but hair washing is the one event in Allie’s life that is absolutely certain to cause her to have an epic meltdown. Screaming, clawing, shaking, crying. It’s awful.

It’s like watching waterboarding.

She won’t hold a cloth over her eyes. She won’t look all the way up or all the way down. She won’t let anyone hold the Lil Rinser over her forehead. There is absolutely nothing that prevents the full bucket of water from pouring down over her eyes, nose, and sputtering mouth.

It’s torture for all involved.

She begs us not to wash her hair.

More torture. The hair has to be washed.

Return to the shower. Usually the kids take a bath, and I did run some water in the tub, but then I turned the showerhead to mist spray. It is a soaking spray, but it is not like a bucket of water pouring over your head.

Both of the girls got their hair wet on their own, played in the spray, got soapy, and rinsed off without a single protest.

The mist spray is my new best friend.

I let them play in the mist for well over a half hour (with the tub drain plugged), and it didn’t fill up the tub (so I know it’s not using much water). It’s pretty amazing.

They have used the mist spray setting every single time they’ve bathed since we got it. It’s only been a week, but I see it being an every bath necessity.

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