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Bounce Back from Mortal Embarrassment


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When you study education at Penn State, you go through several student teaching experiences.

In the first, you observe a classroom. Observing doesn’t really involve sitting and watching, but rather acting as a teacher’s helper. Mine were really fun – kindergarten, fourth grade, and a high school computer class.

The second begins as an observation but ends as actual teaching. It’s only a half-day program, but you work with the students, tutoring and teaching. You prepare actual lessons and grade papers and help the teacher in almost every way. Mine was awesome – seventh grade earth science.

The third and final student teaching experience is real teaching. My cooperating teacher was mostly out of the room or working on his own graduate school work, so I was 100% responsible for the classroom. It was a ninth grade earth science class.

It was during my second student teaching that I experienced the fascinating and enchanting and formidable seventh grader. I had always wanted to work with middle school students. They’re so little and in need of guidance and protection, but they’re also quickly growing up. They’re awash in hormones 24/7.

Seventh grade boys are a very special breed of human being.

Nearly all of my seventh grade boys tried to look down my shirt every time I bent over or stooped down to help them.

It was as normal as writing their names on their papers.

Part of our student teaching grade included checks of our “professional appearance” – our wardrobe choices. I work a lot of button-down shirts and skirts with tights because they were easy and because I had a long walk from my car to my own classes after student teaching was over for the day.

I was so concerned with keeping my top buttoned up far enough that I rarely thought about my skirt. I only owned knee-length skirts, and I always wore opaque tights, so it wasn’t a concern.

Until the day we did the minerals lab.

I was wearing a fuzzy knit navy blue skirt with cottony navy blue tights. The kids were performing mineral tests on samples at their desks.

Mineral tests include things like hardness, luster, and cleavage. (I am so not kidding.) The kids would do their tests, record their answer, and often raise their hand to ask me to confirm whether their answer was correct.

Constantly aware of my own cleavage, I didn’t like to bend over to look at their papers. Instead, I stooped down next to their desks.

Halfway through the period, my cooperating teacher came over and asked to speak to me in private. I held my breath for forever, until we were away from the class and she told me that my skirt was practically around my waist, exposing my leopard-print underwear to the entire class.




I never wanted to go back again.


If I had used Bounce in the dryer, maybe my skirt wouldn’t have crept up my backside. If I’d rubbed a Bounce sheet on my tights, maybe it wouldn’t have happened.

I guess I’ll never know.

I fixed my skirt and walked back into the classroom, red-faced but otherwise nonchalant. I couldn’t let the kids know that I was embarrassed. I faked cool, calm, and collected as well as anyone.

I bounced back as if nothing at all had happened.

About Bounce

Every little sheet Bounce sheet offers four big benefits – softening, freshening, controlling static, and repelling lint and hair. If only I’d used one, I could’ve prevented the static that turned my skirt into a belt!

Bounce comes in six fresh scents – Outdoor Fresh, Fresh Linen, Spring Fresh, Meadows & Rain, Spring & Renewal, and Fresh Lavender, but I would have used the perfume and dye free version because I have sensitive skin.

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211 thoughts on “Bounce Back from Mortal Embarrassment”

  1. If its really embarrasing I have to joke about it. I usually find that if you sleep on it its not that bad.

  2. I recently bought several new tops and wore one when meeting my husband for lunch. After returning home, I noticed that a long strip of sticky tape with the size on it was still attached. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but I was so embarrassed at the thought! I bounced back by laughing about it and thoroughly going through the rest of my new clothes to make sure they were free of tags.

  3. I bounced back trying to use a panini maker as a waffle maker. Batter went everywhere. They did kind of look similar though.

  4. My bounceback moment that I can think of was when my 3 year old had a complete meltdown at the store over candy. I mean it was bad, didn’t stop all the way home, when we got home she was still freaking out. My husband looked at her and said why would you do this to your mom, isn’t she a good mom to you? She stopped right away, even though I was so upset just the fact she calmed down with that comment was a bounceback.

  5. I was once out shopping with my then 4 year old son…while waiting in line behind a man who obviously farmed some sort of livestock for a living my son blurts out “Why does he smell so bad??” definitely loud enough for the man to over hear (gosh kids make you wanna hide in a hole sometimes lol) I bounced back by just as loudly explaining that sometimes smell means youve been working very hard, and in that case its a very good thing. The man turned and cracked a smile- I was pretty relieved 🙂

  6. I recently was embarrassed to realize that their was a hole in my jeans right on my butt! I had no clue and went to church like that. Thankfully my friends told me and my shirt covered it.

  7. I bounced back from an embarrassing situation when I forgot someone’s name who ran into me while I was out & about…They were so happy to see me and I could NOT place them to save my life ha..I worked with them many years prior, but the name, just wasn’t coming to me ha..SO I was just 100% honest..I told them I really couldn’t remember their name and they were cool with it..they laughed and so it made me less embarrassed about forgetting their name ha

    THanks for the chance to win!!

    Joey J.

  8. I bounced back from falling on slick pavement with heels on and managed to not ruin dress or sprain an ankle. Did get a runner in hose lol.

  9. Once when I was 17-many,many moons ago lol- I went with some friends to Six Flags Amusement Park. As we were walking from one ride to another I looked down and noticed I had on 2 different colored shoes-one black-one blue. I was so embarrassed! I bounced back by removing them both and going barefoot. Hey – it was the 70’s you could do that then 🙂

  10. I signed up for your email. Added you to my google+ following circle-annette Anderson,
    liked you on facebook-mimilovesall8, followed on twitter-andersonann48, and followed on Pinterest-annette mimilovesall8.

  11. When I was learning how to drive I had several embarrassing moments like hitting neighbors mailboxes and driving into a snow drift in front of school. I bounced back by learning how to drive better and being accident free for the last 25 years.

  12. One of my most embarrassing moments was after fixing Thanksgiving dinner for the first time.
    I was so happy that day because all of my extended family was coming to my house for dinner. I had been cooking and preparing for two days and everything looked great. Nothing was burned, everything was ready on time and everything smelled yummy, especially the turkey which was a beautiful golden brown.
    We sat down to dinner and my dad stood at the head of the table to carve the turkey. Once he cut into it he exclaimed “What have we here?” Much to my surprise I hadn’t take the bag of giblets or the neck out of the inside of the turkey but instead had cooked them inside. Needless to say I have never forgotten to take them out again.


  13. I bounced back from being humiliated about failing in math class when I was in high school. I learned to not let things of my past bother me anymore and that is huge to me.

  14. i boundced back after I ran out of a work presentation for stutttering, I went back in after gathering my composure

  15. When I get into an embarrassing situation, I try to act like it is happening in third person…Like look at that idiot, what in the world is she (me) thinking!!!

  16. i bounced back from when i got busted dancing by one of the ladies from church by just laughing it off

  17. #8 When my son was really little he would annouce loudly he had to pooh. I would just smile and act like he said nothing unusual. 🙂 Sorry I am not sure I did this entries correct because I forgot the numbers.

  18. I bounced back when I had to walk after running the first 20 miles of my first marathon – and I finished anyway!

  19. One of my most embarrassing moments was when I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and I had what is called “Locked Knees”. I had never heard of such a thing until after this happened. I suffered from”Locked Knees and passed out During the Ceremony…. very very embarrassing. I bounced back after I came to and continued on to the Reception. Although thereafter, I think my face was as scarlet as my dress.

  20. I bounce back by embarrassing situations by being able to laugh at myself….if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at ?

  21. I bounced back from walking out in front of a whole restaurant full of people at a Christmas party with my dress tucked in my panties by just saying ah its the new style and laughing it off!

  22. I was walking and talking to a friend when I walked right into a metal pole. I recovered by laughing it off.

  23. I was walking with a guy and slipped on a patch of ice. I recovered with a sense of humor about it and the kindness of the guy.

  24. I high school I had to bounce back from the embarrassment of vomiting all over my desk in English class during a test and everyone began laughing at me. I felt better because I was able to retake the test after school and received an A.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  25. After my pug decided to pee on the leg of a man I just met, I bounced back by apologizing and telling him that’s his way of telling you he likes you.

  26. After a coworker pointed out that I had a rip in my britches, I bounced back by saying, “Well, if that’s the worse thing that happens today, I’ll be okay.”

  27. When I was in 9th grade I brought a bunch of female products to school to put in my locker. I was taking one out and the whole bunch fell onto the floor. A bunch of senior boys came by. They are nice about it and picked them up for me. I bounced back by making a joke about it. We all laughed and it was okay.

  28. I bounced back when I got knocked over by my dog when he took off after a squirrel. I learned to pay more attention to my surroundings!

  29. I called my friend and at the end of our conversation I said I love you, bye, thinking I was talking to my fiance. I called back and we laughed it out…boy was I embarrassed though.

  30. My husband took me to Ikea and at the cafeteria I mistook the hot sauce for french dressing and poured it all over my salad. I bounced back by drinking a huge glass of water and once I was able to breath again, I laughed it out.

  31. I bounced back after walking through a screen sliding door while leaving to go on a date. I bounced back by marrying the guy (although fifteen years later, he still laughs at that).

  32. I bounced back from an embarrasing situation. I was desparately in love with this guy in high school. He walks in front of me, I fall down 5 stairs. OH MY GOSH. I was so embarrassed. I stood up, laughed, wiped myself off and kept on walking like it never happened.
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  33. I bounced back from falling off the porch, flat on my face 2 weeks ago in front of family lol.

    winz135 at

  34. I tripped on stage at my high school graduation, but I guess I bounced back because at our class reunion, no one remembered that!

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