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Why We’re A Britax Family

This is a sponsored post.

When I was pregnant with Grace, I participated in a car seat safety bulletin board on I went crazy researching different car seats and trying to balance cost versus safety features.

Some of my friends immediately went out and bought the most expensive seat, assuming it would be the safest. I thought that was ridiculous.

After all my research, we settled on a BRITAX seat. BRITAX seats aren’t cheap, and that’s okay.  Do you really want to trust your kid’s safety to something that’s cheap?

All BRITAX seats are fully loaded with best-in-class safety features that far exceed federal standards. They’re engineered to divert force away from a child’s body and to minimize movement during a crash.

All BRITAX convertible seats improve side impact protection by using a rigid shell with deep side walls lined with energy-absorbing foam.

All BRITAX seats feature a patented Energy Absorbing Versa-Tether, in short, an extra strap that attaches the car seat to the back of your car, behind the headrests. It prevents the seat from shifting during a collision.

BRITAX offers Revolutionary Head Safety Technology that dramatically reduces the risk of head injury and provides complete protection from all sides in the event of a vehicle crash.

We could only afford to buy one seat – a BRITAX Marathon at the time – and had to move it to whatever car she rode in. The seat was left at the day care, at the baby sitter’s, at Grandma’s house. Whenever Grace would ride in a car that wasn’t my car, her seat went along with her.

BRITAX seats are so easy to use that the switch was never an issue. I popped the seat out of my car in under a minute (okay, two minutes if I had to move stuff in the back), and whomever was picking Grace up popped into theirs with the same ease.

We initially had the seat checked by a certified car seat technician, so we knew we were installing and using the seat properly. BRITAX makes it easy.

Outside of their infant carrier/car seats (which they used for about three days), both of my girls have used Britax convertible seats exclusively.

In 2009, on our way to work and day care, Grace and I were rear-ended in a violent crash. Our car was totaled. I had permanent nerve damage, missed 6 weeks of work, and endured physical therapy for four months. Grace had nightmares, and that’s it. She was closer to the point of impact, much smaller, and forward facing, and yet she was completely unharmed by the crash.

(Note – After a crash, it is necessary to discard your car seats, even if they seem perfectly fine. They are considered a single use item. In my case, the at-fault driver’s car insurance reimbursed me for the cost of a new seat.)

The safety of my children is my most important concern.

britax boulevard review

These days, Grace is riding in a Frontier (as a high back booster), and we just switched Allie from our 4-year-old Marathon to a Boulevard 70-G3. The Boulevard 70-G3 offers even more safety features, including a True Side Impact Protection head restraint to keep Allie’s body aligned during normal driving and during a collision.

Rear facing is the very safest way for a child to ride. The Boulevard 70-G3 allows a child to be rear-facing much longer than most car seats I’ve seen, up to 40 pounds. Allie isn’t 40 pounds yet, but she’s old enough to know what she’s missing and would revolt if I turned her seat backwards again.

Doesn’t she look comfy in there? She couldn’t even wait until we got the seat into the car to buckle herself in.

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You can also visit the BRITAX Learning Center to learn more about BRITAX’s safety features and testing standards

Safety matters when it comes to car seats. I want one that will protect my child. And Britax convertible car seats have so many safety features — and knowing that makes me feel like my child is safe while in the car. Click here to learn more about Britax safety features.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Britax. The opinions and text are 100% mine.


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