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I Bite the Cat

I was working this afternoon when Allie came over.I Bite The Cat

Mommy! I bite the cat!

“You what?!” I asked, hoping I'd heard her incorrectly.

I bite the cat!

“You bit the cat?!”

Yes, I bite Sammy.

“Why did you bite Sammy?”

I bite Sammy!

“Did Sammy bite you back?”

No! I bite Sammy!

“He should have. Biting is not nice.”

I bite cat!

I didn't see her bite the cat, and I cannot imagine biting a cat. Also, I cannot imagine the cat sitting idly and allowing himself to be bitten.

So either Allie has discovered the art of imaginary stories or she bit my cat.

Later on, I asked her, “Allie, did you really bite the cat?”

She smiled demurely and said, No, Mommy! Allie nice!

But then I asked a second time, and she smiled and said, Yes. I bite Sammy on back.

So. I still don't know whether she bit the cat or not, but I am certain that trouble is in my future.


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