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My Car Washing Crew

A year or two ago, my sister and brother-in-law gave Grace a car washing play set. Ever since, Grace has been dying to wash my car. Finally, last week, Joe got around to the job.

They filled buckets with soapy water, procured rags and sponges, and opened up the car washing kit.

I was inside working when Joe called me on the phone.

Kids Washing a Car

“You really should come out here and take some pictures. You'll probably want to write about this on your blog.”

He was right.

Kids Washing a Car

Grace and Allie ran around and around my car, creating suds on every surface they could reach. They were soaking wet, and suds ran down the driveway.

Kids Washing a Car

Before long, Allie had a spray bottle (because Joe took the hose away from her), and she was spraying down every vehicle she could find.

Kids Washing a Car

Joe's car was not immune. It got washed, too. So did Grace's bike and scooter.

It's a good thing the cats weren't outside. If they laid down in the driveway, they too would have been washed.

Kids Car Washing

The only problem was that they don't seem to have rinsed the car. Or maybe they didn't dry it. The next time I got in it to drive, I had to run the windshield wipers just to see out of the window.

There was no pollen on the car and no dead bugs, but there were spots all over.

Fortunately, it rained a few days later; the car got a good rinse.

I'll let them wash my car again the next time they ask. They enjoyed it.

I'll just hope for a rainy summer.

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