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Ninety-nine and Sixty Hundred Xs and Os

i love mom

Because I work in the evenings, Joe puts our girls to bed every night (except for Saturday, when I don’t work and take the pleasure).

I wish I could take them to bed every night because I love bedtime, but I do get them all day long.

And I have to work at some point.

And also, I probably wouldn’t love bedtime so much if I had to do it every night.

For the longest time (years!), Grace fought bedtime every. single. night. It was as if Joe were threatening to steal her away to live in another house with another mother. She cried and begged and fussed and pleaded.

“I just want to be with my MOMMA!” she would whine. The whining got worse when she was tired.

Before the fiasco began, she would hug me and kiss me and call “I love you to Jupiter, Momma!”

I would respond, “I love you to Pluto, Gracie.”

After receiving a card signed XOXO, she added a new layer to her bedtime love fest.

“Good night, Momma! Ninety-nine and sixty hundred Xs and Os!”

That was just the beginning of the madness. She’d usually reappear an hour or two later, moaning “Momma! Daddy left me!” Then she would fall asleep on the couch until Joe finished whatever he was doing and redirected her back to bed. (Or not.)

The bedtime business got a lot easier this year when Allie decided to stop sleeping in her own bed and start sleeping with Grace (who was already sleeping in my bed).

Grace still hugs and kisses and professes plentitudes of Xs and Os (the numbers have climbed since she’s learned bigger numbers) at bedtime.

Allie ends her days saying, Buhbuh! Buhbuh! and she really couldn’t care less about my hugs or kisses.

Joe says, “Go give your Momma a hug and a kiss,” and she either stands at the top of the steps to say Bye! or (if I’m lucky, which I’m usually not) she scoots down the stairs, puckers, and scurries back from whence she came.

Joe ushers the girls back the hallway to fill up all the space in my bed. It works better than before because, when Grace stirs (as everyone does), she isn’t all alone in the dark. Allie is there (breathing loudly), and Grace stays put.

It’s a beautiful thing.

What do your kids say to you at bedtime?

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