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Be Prepared for A Big Day – Start With Milk

When you're living fully, you have a lot of big days.

Losing a tooth makes it a big day.


A day full of sledding, snowman building, and snowball fighting is a big day.


Disney on Ice makes it a big day.


An Easter egg hunt makes it a big day.


Going to Chuck E. Cheese's makes it a big day.


Every day has the potential to be a big day, so my girls start each one with milk.

Or milp, as Allie says.

Grace likes to drink her milk in a cup – usually 2 big cupfuls alongside a waffle or granola bar. Allie prefers to drink hers from a bowl, after her cereal has become sufficiently soggy.

With 9 essential nutrients including 8 grams of high-quality protein per 8 oz serving, milk enhances the nutritional value of whatever breakfast food they choose. (Did you know that an egg only has about 6 grams of protein?)

milk protein

At about a quarter a serving, I feel good serving my kids milk in the morning (and all day long).

breakfast project

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