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Sisterly Mothering

Last Sunday, at dinner, I mentioned that free Rita's day was coming up. Grace was so excited about it that she stood up from the table and danced a little gig.

Sisterly Mothering

The gig dancing continued for at least ten minutes, accompanied by chanting and squealing.

Every time Grace threw up her arms and squealed, “Free Rita's!,” Allie threw her arms up and squealed dree drea! 

I should have gotten out the video camera because it was absolutely adorable. They danced and cheered (at Grace's lead) until the dancing and cheering became annoying.

Hoping for a little peace and quiet and family dinner conversation, Joe declared, “That's enough, Grace.”

Allie repeated, Nuff! 

A few moments of peace followed, and then Grace's excitement resurfaced. She tried to get Allie to dance again. “Free Rita's!” she squealed, arms in the air.

Nuff! Top! (stop) Top it!

More dancing and squealing.

Nuff! Top it!

“Grace. Eat.” I said firmly.


More dancing and squealing.

Nuff! Top! Eat! Allie was becoming as irritated as Joe and me.

Grace danced away from the table, toward the bathroom, giggling and cheering, “Free Rita's! Rita's! Rita's! Rita's!”

Nuff! Top it! 1! 2! 1!! 2!! 1!! Allie began to count to force compliance.

I could do nothing but laugh, even though I knew I shouldn't.

Counting is always my absolute, you're this close to a whole lot of trouble, warning to my children. If Momma starts counting, something unpleasant is probably about to happen.

Allie decided that enough was enough.

And it was really funny.

I am aware that this is the beginning of a challenging situation in which I have to prevent Napoleon from dictating to her older sister.

I'm going to have to get over the laughing to do it.

Maybe I'll start tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Sisterly Mothering”

  1. Um, maybe this was a scheduled post that didn’t go out at the right time, but Free Rita’s Day was the March 20th (first day of spring!).

  2. I counted to three. Of course there was N O W and counting in French and Spanish also. They always push it as far as they can though, so when they were older, I skipped one and went straight to two because telling them the first time was one.

  3. It’s funny – and telling sometimes – when they behave exactly as you do. My daughter has used counting and attempted time outs towards me at times. I have a feeling my youngest will attempt to keep my oldest in line too. Right now she’s a baby, but I just have a feeling.

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