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Magic Milk for St. Patrick’s Day

Magic Milk for St. Patrick's Day - This one little trick will amaze your kids! This idea can be used with any drinks, but we like it best in milk.

One of Grace’s favorite St. Patrick’s Day traditions is to drink green beverages.

I am not much a fan of artificial food coloring, though, and I have to really concentrate to choke down a bunch of green milk or green water.

This is so weird because I used to enjoy all foods artificially colored. Fruity Pebbles? If they were gluten-free, I’d eat them every week! Remember blue ketchup?  Loved that! Green chocolate sauce? I used it for years. Pink butter? I ate a lot of it, and blue butter too. Purple and orange cauliflower? I look for them every summer. Golden raspberries? I grow them in my yard! Rainbow bread, sweet potato chips, beet chips. I really like strangely colored foods.

But I draw the line at water or milk loaded up with green food coloring.

It gives me the heebie jeebies.

Anyway, the easiest way to give Grace green milk and green water is to color the whole jug, but I just can’t.

So I make magic milk.

This is so easy I can’t believe I’m writing about it.

I do this in plastic cups if I have them because it adds to greenness. (Is greenness a word?)

Step 1 – Put food coloring in the cup. That little dot doesn’t do it justice. Use a lot, like 10 drops or so.

Magic milk

Here’s what makes the milk magic. Do this step when the children are asleep or otherwise occupied.

You can put the food coloring in many cups and stack them or put them in the cupboard, ready to use when the children are awake.

Step Two – In front of the children, pour white milk into the cup. Let them pour it in if they want to. Mine never notice the blob of food coloring in the bottom of the cup. They just don’t see it.


Step Three – There is no step three. Pouring the milk mixes the food coloring, and by the time the glass is full, it is thoroughly green and ready to drink.


If you want yours to be greener, use more than 10 drops of food color.

These cups are nice because it looks really green from the side.


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