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Chicken Nuggets for Lunch

Allie is a big eater. She’s not fond of noodles or vegetables, but she will eat great quantities of fruit, bread, and meat.

When Grace was Allie’s age, she ate everything.

Tyson Chicken NuggetsWell, almost everything. She didn’t like mangoes.

But everything else. There was no other fruit or vegetable she wouldn’t eat.

Somewhere around her third birthday, Grace began to get picky. I think it was a combination of needing to eat less and needing to control more, but her diet went from everything but mangoes to nothing but chicken nuggets.

I wish I was kidding.

At the ripe old age of five-and-a-half, Grace’s repertoire has expanded slightly. It had nowhere else to go.

Red bell peppers, yes.

Casseroles of any kind, no.

Peas, if she can shuck them herself, yes.

Leftovers, never.

Carrots, cheese sticks, pickles, crackers, French fries, reuben sandwiches, deli ham, oatmeal. Any and all fruits.

And who can forget, the original food, the chicken nugget.

Grace has asked for chicken nuggets for her last 1,400 lunches – every day for the last 4 years.

Maybe a little longer than that. She was 16-months-old, toting her polka dot lunch bag to daycare, full of Tyson chicken nuggets and ranch dressing, crackers, and fruit.

Her condiment of choice switched to ketchup for a while, and she’s settled on honey mustard now.

Otherwise, her lunch is unchanged. Yesterday, she ate 4 Dino Nuggets with honey mustard, bread & butter pickles, and strawberries. Today, she’s going to have Dino Nuggets with honey mustard and mandarin oranges. Tomorrow, it’ll be Dino Nuggets and some other fruit and some carrots.

Tyson Chicken Nuggets

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