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Stalled But Not Defeated

iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge

You know the time you tried to lose weight, but you defeated yourself before you even got going?

You wanted to lose some weight, but you really didn't want to sweat or pass on the soda or eat healthier foods.

You wanted the end result, but not the hard work that is required to get there.

How'd that work out for you?

For me, not so well.

My first week of the iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge sponsored by Omron Fitness didn't go as I intended it. I'm supposed to report how much weight I've lost so far.

And I haven't lost any.

I had a really taxing work week.

I'm really stressed out about a bunch of stuff.

I did not anticipate how long it would take my body to heal from my surgery last week.

I have a sore throat, and I don't feel especially well.

I have a lot more excuses. I bet you do, too.

I did take my kids to the Pennsylvania Farm Show this week, and that was a physically demanding endeavor.

Friday morning (the day after the Farm Show), I weighed 316 pounds according to my brand new fancy Â 510W Scale.

This morning, I weighed 319 pounds according to the same scale.

At first, I thought that the scale must be wrong.

Then I thought about the date night dinner I had at Carrabba's – chicken bryan slathered in lemon butter, garlic mashed potatoes, and ice cream. And 3 large glasses of root beer. And the Greek beef and noodles Joe made with the 2 sticks of butter sauce. And the breakfast with my dad – 3 egg omelet with sausage and a thick coating of American cheese and loads of homefries. And the 2 small glasses of Mountain Dew.

I'm eating gluten-free, but I'm not eating very healthy.

Maybe the scale wasn't wrong. Maybe I did gain 3 pounds in 3 days.


I have a lot of work to do.

The thing is that nothing happens unless we make it happen, so let's get this thing started.

Today, we are going to work out. Me and you, right? We're going to do this together.

Here's a short video from Bob Greene to help us get moving:


I'll be doing my first iHeartOmron workout this afternoon – a warm-up of foot fires followed by 4 circuits of pushups, bent-over rows, shoulder presses, tricep kickbacks, and curls. It's reminiscent of my WiiFit workouts, and I always liked those. I'm looking forward to doing it this afternoon.

What are you doing today to forge a healthier life for yourself?

This post is sponsored by Omron Fitness strapless heart rate monitor as a collaboration with Bookieboo Blogging Network and Mamavation â€“ a community dedicated to weight loss for women andobesity prevention for families. Â I was provided with product and compensation for my time and honest opinions. 

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15 thoughts on “Stalled But Not Defeated”

  1. I usually do fine with my diet during the week, then the weekend comes and my husband is home and wants to go out to eat or get an ice cream or something. I need to just be stronger and then I should be able to lose more weight . I lose weight during the week and gain it all back on the weekend. Saying the works ” No Thanks” Is what I must work on this year. I hope you start feeling better soon so you can stay motivated and keep up the workouts.

  2. My goal is to start my diet again (it’s more of a lifestyle diet instead of a diet merely to lose weight.) I have PCOS and so I have to eat a certain way or my body won’t lose weight and I feel worse (not to mention I get more characteristic symptoms…) My goal was to start at the beginning of the year (I got off when baby #2 was born in July – it’s hard to be sleep deprived and think clearly!) but I happened to get that monthly visit and had horrid cramps and my usual cravings for chocolate and salty stuff (typically popcorn.) Yeah, so that didn’t go so well. But I’m going to start it this week.

  3. I need to find a jumping off point. It seems like everything that could go wrong has been going wrong lately, health and money wise. I have zumba for Wii that I am going to try tomorrow. That is at least the first step [email protected]

  4. It’s just one week, this is a brand new week and a chance for you to make the changes you need to succeed. This challenge is a great way to inspire each other and support each other and I really look forward to hearing that you made great strides towards your goal by the end of the challenge.

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