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Forward Progress

iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge

Today is the last day of the first week of the #iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge.

Are you ready for a little whining? I need to whine.

My entire body hurts. There is not a muscle group in my body that feels good. They are all sore and tired. Most of my joints ache and are stiff.

I would rather lie in bed than get up and go about my business.

Frankly, I think there might be a tinge of depression at work here, but there’s also a lot of (over)exertion.

I’m not sure if my pain is related to working out six times in six days (oh. my. word.) or if it’s related to my gluten-filled pizza meal on Thursday. It’s probably both.

I do not know what possessed me to apply to be part of a challenge in which I’d be required to workout five days a week. Losing weight and a lot of denial, I think.

I also do not know what possessed me to exercise (strenuously!) on my first rest day of the week. I assure you; I will not make that mistake a second time.


I got that out of my system. On to my update.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and found that I’m down to 317 – a loss of a little more than 2 pounds in the last week. I would rather have seen a big loss – 4 or 5 pounds – during my first week, but 2 pounds is something. I am happy to be moving in the right direction.

For foods, I have been relying on healthy choices (except for the pizza, more on that tomorrow) and smaller portion sizes . I suspect that I would be losing more if I were counting calories, but I simply haven’t done it. It’s the same old story – good intentions, lack of follow through. My goal for this week is to restart using My Fitness Pal.

I’ve been entering my foods today, so that’s a start.

One thing that I forgot to mention last week is that I calculated my goal weight. I’ve always looked at those charts of ideal weight based on height, and I’ve always felt like they were off.

I weighed 229 pounds when I was eleven years old. I just don’t see how I could ever weigh 165 pounds, despite what the charts say.

My fancy new Omron 510W scale estimates your body fat percentage as well as visceral fat, BMI, and muscle mass.

I was thinking that my body is made up of fat, muscles, and other stuff like bones and organs. So my goal weight would be the other stuff plus the muscles plus a healthy amount of fat. It may not perfect, but it made sense to me.

I created an equation with x’s and numbers and computed my goal weight to be in the 180-215 pound range. I can live with that.

More importantly, I’m already a third of the way there.

That’s where I am. I have the same five workouts next week, hopefully with less pain and more weight loss. I started using My Fitness Pal today to count my calories.

Did you exercise last week?

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18 thoughts on “Forward Progress”

  1. 2 pounds is still a loss, and that’s something to be proud of! Be sure to measure yourself, because that can really help you see what’s going on. Sometimes the scale doesn’t change, but your inches do. If you’re feeling a little bit of depression, working out can definitely help with that. Just listen to your body, being sore isn’t always bad, but being in pain is. You can do this!

  2. It’s going to continue to be hard hard work, but you can do it. A wise person yesterday reminded me, “A little pain now can create a lot of gain later”. I’m still trying to convince myself that the pain is all good (=

  3. I started at around 320, and have slowly fought my way down to 287 as of today so trust me when I tell you slow and steady. Those big losses usually come with an upswing when your body panics and tries to hold on to what it’s losing! (You can completely disregard my advice, I just wanted to let you know I am so feeling your post!) I also love that your goal weight is similar to mine. If I could just be 199lbs I’ll be happy. Because I’m tall and broad shouldered, I’m never going to be some tiny waif…I’m just not made that way. LMAO

    • Right! I don’t think it’s realistic to expect to be thin, but I’ll be really happy to be out of Plus Sizes. My goal since I was in my late teens has been to wear a pair of knee-high boots. My calves are too big for even the plus-size ones now, but someday!

  4. Okay, I can’t edit my last post. I want to say I’ll be happy to start looking at maintenance when I get to 199lbs. I’m happy as-is, I don’t want to make it sound like I’m a sad sack that won’t be happy until a certain weight. Okay, now I’m just rambling. Sorry about that 🙂

    • I understand that completely. I am perfectly happy with myself, even at my current weight. But if I’m honest, there are a lot of drawbacks about my weight, and I’d like to be a healthier person overall.

  5. Let me first start by saying Congrats on the exercise this is often where I drop the ball! I know how hard it is to get motivated and stay that way. I too am in denial. Mine is that I am healthier than I am…I used to work out frequently and now I don’t, and I also pretend that must because I count the points in the crap I am eating it is ok. I understand and I look forward to being on this journey to being a healthier mom with you!

  6. I whined in my post this week too. I’m not working out nearly as much as you and I still complained, so don’t stress about it.
    Congrats on your weight loss. Slow and steady wins the race and MFP is a really great tool. Have a great weekend!

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