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Dropped Naps

Allie stopped taking naps last month. I think it was her way of celebrating her second birthday.

She’s got her own ideas about this world, that little person.

I think Grace and I have done school about three times in the last three weeks, thanks in large part to the insane active and affectionate two-year-old running amuck in the afternoons. We’ve got to find a way to work around the madness, but we haven’t yet.

Back to the no nap thing.

Allie’s body is not in agreement with her brain about the naps. Her body needs sleep, and it needs this sleep in the afternoon.

Many days, she collapses in the afternoon. She climbs up onto my lap, nuzzles in, and falls asleep. I don’t even bother to pretend it’s an imposition. I love to hold her while she sleeps.

Some days, if I am busy or my lap is full, Allie goes to sleep somewhere else.

On Christmas day, she and Grandma fell asleep on the couch, looking at each other.

I cried.


This past Saturday, she fell asleep standing up. I thought that was really strange.

Cute, but strange.

After I properly documented her position, I slid her up onto the couch where she could sleep without falling over.

How did she not fall over?


And then last night, right after dinner, she fell asleep in the strangest position yet.

I had just come down the stairs. She had just been throwing cat food around toddling around the dining room.

And then she wasn’t.

Because she fell asleep.

On the stairs.


I’m not sure if I should be amused or sad. Maybe I’m a little of both.

Poor silly kid.

What’s the strangest place your kids have fallen asleep?

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2 thoughts on “Dropped Naps”

  1. OH my boys fell asleep like that picture of her standing up. One fell asleep climbing INTO The recliner. One leg up in the seat halfway, upper body in the seat and the other leg still on the floor. One fell asleep while cleaning under his bed which caused me to have a near heart attack looking for him, nearly calling the police after searching over and over until I saw his little toe sticking out from under the bed.

  2. My son used to fall asleep on the potty chair! During potty training time, we would put the chair in the living room so that I could see him (and he was afraid of the big potty), plus, he wanted to sit on the toilet for like half an hour before finally admitting that he did not need to go! He was very enthusiastic about training, but he wanted to be on the potty like every 20-30 minutes. I didn’t want to hamper his training, so we just moved the potty to the living room where I could go about getting things done and he could sit on the potty! I have a couple of pics of him sleeping on the potty chair, the high chair, looking out the window. Kids fall asleep in weird places and in weird ways! Love them!

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