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Trick or Treating with Barbie #BarbiePhotoFashion

You know how I feel about the princess culture, but my girls wanted to be sparkly pink princesses this year for Halloween.

Both of them, separately.

I tried to talk them out of pink princess costumes, but they screamed and cried and insisted. I gave up. They wanted to be pink sparkly princesses, so be it.

Here they are in all their superlative synchronous cuteness:

What my self-righteous pre-parenthood self would say about me now.

I waited to write my third and last Barbie Photo Fashion Doll post until the girls went Trick or Treating. So here it is.

Grace's obsession with the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll hasn't slowed down since my last post. She's still taking lots of pictures every day. Most of the time, her photos are slightly abstract. The first one below is her sister's shirt. The second one speaks for itself.

Barbie Photo Fashion Barbie Photo Fashion





Since my last post, we did see the full camera error message. We deleted all the pictures at once using Barbie's tool belt:

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

Using her tool belt is easy. You can change filters and frames, select pictures, delete photos, turn on the slideshow, and more using the tool belt. The pink USB cable plugs in the back of the tool belt, too.

Here are more of Grace's pictures, from Trick or Treating. The first is a self portrait. The second is the spider that Aunt Ginny Rose gave her. The third is her loot. The fourth is her costume.

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll Barbie Photo Fashion Doll Barbie Photo Fashion Doll Barbie Photo Fashion Doll





Grace plays with her Barbie dolls often, several times every day. They are constantly out and sitting around.

I think she loves the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll more than the others, because she doesn't leave it out. Not ever.

She keeps this Barbie on the top shelf of our living room bookshelf. When she wants to play with it, she brings it down, plays, and puts it right back up there when she's done.

She is very protective of this Barbie doll; she doesn't want Allie to touch it or even look at it. Not ever.

I can't say that I blame her.

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