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The Safety Features of the Chrysler Town & Country

Before our car crash in 2009, I knew virtually nothing about cars and car safety.

I didn't worry about it; I'd never had to.

My post-crash life is different. I am hypervigilant about car seats and airbags and all the other measures that promise to protect us in case the unthinkable happens again.

I researched the Chrysler Town & Country before I agreed to drive my kids around in it. I'm happy to say that it exceeded my expectations.

I equate bigger vehicles with more safety. I don't know if that's well-placed trust or not, but in our crash, we were in the smallest vehicle and suffered the most damage.Chrysler Town & Country Review

I was really happy with the size of the Town & Country. Yes, I could haul almost anything, but I also felt like there was a cushion around us, some buffer space between a potential crash and my kids.

My favorite feature of all (even better than the insane storage space and the DVD player) was the Blind Spot Monitoring system. In short, the Town & Country has radar technology that sounds an alarm and lights a signal to show that there's something in the blind spot. It also works when you're backing up, to show that there's something coming up from the side.

I relied on the Blind Spot Monitoring every single time I got in the car. My next vehicle will have it.

Paired with a backup camera and Park Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring made me feel like I was the safest driver on the road.

There are a couple other safety systems and tools that are worth mentioning.

The Town & Country has a Uconnect hands-free voice command system that allows you to use your phone, entertainment system, and radio without taking your eyes from the road or hands from the wheel. There are also buttons on the steering wheel for adjusting volume and DVD track, phone, voice response, cruise control, and more. These are important to me; I don't want to lean over to fix something for the girls.

Tire pressure monitoring. My current car has this, and I depend on it to know when the tires need to be inflated.

Chrysler Town & Country ReviewObstacle Detection. With all the power doors and power seats and power everything, I was concerned what might happen if a small person pushed the button while she was in the path of the door. The Town & Country has an Obstacle Detection system so that the door or seat will stop and reverse its direction if it runs into something while it's moving.

Constant Force Retractors. I'm not sure exactly how this works, but seat belt retractors apply pressure to the seat belts to properly position passengers before the full load of an impact occurs.

Smarter headrests. The headrests in the front row of seats adjust automatically if you're hit from the rear. Speaking from experience, this is a good thing.

Multistage front airbags. The Town & Country is loaded with airbags, but the ones in the front adjust the amount of force used to the riders in the seats. There are also knee-level airbags to keep front passengers in place before the main airbags deploy.

Accident response system. This makes it easier for emergency personnel to help you once there's been a crash. It unlocks the doors, turns on the interior lights, and flashes the hazard lights. It also shuts off the fuel to the engine.

Crumple zones. Many front and rear crumple zones protect passengers from the full impact of a collision.


This is the third of 3 sponsored posts in Chrysler's Drive and Blog program. All opinions and text are my own.

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