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I Have Minivan Envy (featuring a Chrysler Town and Country Review)

For most of my teenage driving experience, I drove a minivan. It was my mother's minivan.

I hung out with my friends (all of them, at the same time) in that minivan. I went on dates in that minivan.

The minivan was convenient albeit demoralizing. I was absolutely certain I'd never, ever, not for any reason, ever drive a minivan of my own.

You know where this is going.

I want a minivan.


My best friend has two little girls, 5 and 2. We live close enough that we often ride together to parks. It's really fun; we go to play and then out for lunch afterwards. The mommas chat while the girls play and fight chat.

In short, it's great.

I mean, it's great except that I feel completely guilty about this arrangement. My friend has a minivan. She always picks us up, and she always drives. We always mooch ride.

I drive a small SUV, and I love it. It's got enough room in the back for 2 car seats. We have enough cargo space to go away overnight as long as we bring only one bag of toys and books with our suitcase of clothes and stroller.

My friend's minivan has enough room for 4 car seats or 2 car seats and 2 more people. She has enough cargo space to go away for a month. She hauled a 4′ tall 4′ wide doll house from a yard sale to my house.

I have serious minivan envy. I want to be able to take my mom and my family to a restaurant at the same time. I want to bring my kids' friends to playdates. I want to haul stuff.

We are in the middle of a Drive and Blog program with Chrysler. For a week now, I've been driving a 2012 Chrysler Town and Country minivan.

It's fueling the fire.

This Town and Country is nice. It has a lot more space and a lot more features than my little SUV. It also has leather seats (but I'm not so crazy about them).

It has 6 cup holders and 2 power outlets between the front seats.

It has CarFi.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

It has serious storage space all throughout the vehicle plus a roof rack.

It has power everything – power folding seats, power sliding doors, power windows, power lift gate, automatic lights, automatic high beams, automatic windshield wipers, even door locks that automatically open as your approach the vehicle.

It has Blind Spot Monitoring and an alarm that alerts me if I put on my turn signal while there's something there.

It has turn by turn directions (even to the Boonies!) and a DVD entertainment system and halo lighting and a bunch of other features that I haven't discovered yet.

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

In the next couple of weeks, I'll highlight some of my favorite features of the Chrysler Town and Country.

And also, I will attempt to convince the Chrysler people to let me keep it forever.

Are you a minivan lover or a minivan hater?

This is the first of 3 sponsored posts in Chrysler's Drive and Blog program. All opinions and text are my own. I do have some complaints about the vehicle, and they will be part of my next post.

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