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Allie and Paperback Pup in the Sunshine

I just love this picture of my Allie and her Paperback Pup. The lighting, the curls, her little lips and chubby cheeks, I love it.

She has her father’s nose and high forehead.

I think she was watching television. She is obsessed with tv to my chagrin. Every time we’re in the living room, she picks up the remote and says, More? More?

When I tell her “No more,” she asks again. More? More?

This repeats at least five times before she gets mad and walks away or I give in and turn on the tv.

Build-A-Bear Workshop Paperback Pup

As part of my ongoing relationship with Build-A-Bear Workshop, we get new furry friends every month. This one, Paperback Pup, is especially dear to Allie. She toddles around the house every day with him tucked under her arm.

When she puts him back and then rediscovers him a few minutes later, her face lights up, and she says Woof! Woof! Puppy! Woof! Woof! 

She is communicating really well all of a sudden after almost no words for many months.

We made her a cat at Grace’s Build-A-Bear birthday party, and she treats it the same way. Sometimes, she carries both. It’s quite a sight since each one is close to her size. I haven’t gotten a picture of that yet, but I hope to.


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