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My Simple Pleasures (featuring Hershey’s Simple Pleasures) #hsysimplepleasures

When I think of simple pleasures, I think of curling up with a good book, of peace and quiet, of sweet, creamy chocolate, and of a pedicure with a girlfriend.

I don't enjoy any of the four often enough in this stage of my life. It's sad but true.Hershey's Simple Pleasures review

At this very moment, in fact, I am trying to write a blog post while a crying overtired 5-year-old hangs on the arm of my chair.

Peace and quiet? A memory of my single days, when the cats and I could lie on the couch all summer day without interruption.

Curling up with a good book I do sometimes, usually on Saturday nights. Grace and I have a sleepover in my bed, and  she sticks to me like glue. If I get up, she wakes immediately, so I don't get out of the bed. Instead, we read Mary and Laura (which is now Almanzo and Laura since Mary has gone away to college and Laura is about to get married); Grace goes to sleep; and I read my own book until I'm tired.

This past Saturday, I read The First Four Years (because I'd finished These Happy Golden Years after Grace fell asleep the Saturday before, and I was dying to know what happened after Laura and Almanzo got married. Joe says I have a problem and should just wait for Grace and I to get there, but I'm incapable.).

I've also been trying to finish The Charge and The Explosive Child, but, as much as I am interested in both, neither can draw my attention away from the romance and happy spirit of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Pedicures are expensive, and I'm trying really hard to be responsible with my money.

I am still in the midst of my weight loss journey, and I choose not to indulge in a bag of chocolates or candies like I may have done in the past. It's not healthy, and I'm not doing it.

I wait for the day when exercising feels like a simple pleasure, but at this time it surely does not.

I love chocolate. A Hershey bar with almonds? Oh, the sweet decadence.

I live a few minutes away from Hershey, Pennsylvania and all the chocolatey delights that it holds. My girls and I visit Chocolate World regularly, many times each year, and we always sample their newest creations.

And yet, I hadn't heard of Hershey's new Simple Pleasures chocolates when The Motherhood asked if I'd like to review them. Imagine that!

Of course, I agreed to review the chocolates (who wouldn't?!), and they sent me a bag of each flavor. My personal favorite was the Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Crème. I could've eaten the whole bag of them, but I refrained.

A serving of Hershey's Simple Pleasures chocolates has only 90 calories, and they have 30 percent less fat than the average leading milk chocolates. That makes them a pleasure I don't mind indulging in, especially after a night of 5-year-old histrionics like this one.


Hershey's wants you to Declare Your Sweet Independence this summer! Visit their Facebook page to learn more and enter to win prizes including free chocolates and $100.

This post is sponsored by Hershey's Simple Pleasures and The Motherhood.



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1 thought on “My Simple Pleasures (featuring Hershey’s Simple Pleasures) #hsysimplepleasures”

  1. Yeah, I’m one of those odd people who don’t have a sugar tooth. I am not a big fan of chocolate, and rarely crave it. I tend to eat it once a year or so. My temptations involve all things cheddar! lol

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