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How to Cook Corn on the Cob Without Silks

I love corn on the cob. A buttery, fresh ear of sweet corn is as good as cake on a hot summer day.

There's just one little snag to eating fresh corn; I don't know how to cook corn on the to cook corn on the cob

How to actually cook the corn is another issue. I had always boiled it until Joe came along and told me to steam it in an inch of water.

The steaming method works okay, but we can only cook two or three ears in our largest skillet. We have to cook the corn in batches, and that can take some time.

And then there's the shucking.

I think I liked shucking corn a lot when I was little, but today not so much. I can never get as much of the silks off as I want to, and I end up with silks all over me and the floor. I agonize over each and every ear, trying to pick off every last piece lest it end up between my teeth and drive me crazy.

That ends up happening anyway.

Okay, so I'm neurotic about corn. While I was on Skype with my boss the other day, Joe and the girls were shucking corn. She asked how we planned to cook it, and she shared this YouTube video with me.

The man in this video is adorable. I'm pretty sure he's somebody's grandpa.

Anyway, he explains that you can leave your corn in the husks and microwave it for 4 minutes (or 8 minutes for two ears), cut off the bottom end, and shake the cob out of the husk. He says there will be no silk attached at all.

The video is short, under 3 minutes. Watch for yourself and let me know how this method works for you.

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3 thoughts on “How to Cook Corn on the Cob Without Silks”

  1. Funny…I just learned about this method on Pinterest this week. However, I can’t bring myself to cook the corn in the microwave. For some silly reason, I feel like eating corn without shucking it would be cheating. Have you tried this yet?

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