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32 Things I Did in My 32nd Year

I turned 33 on Monday. In honor of my birthday, I compiled a list of 32 things I did last year.

  1. Checked into and then graduated from a psychiatric program
  2. Rode in the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile
  3. Published three ebooks – How to Celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree, Your Best Thanksgiving Ever!, and Make Money Blogging
  4. Went to three blogging conferences
  5. Interviewed Bob Greene
  6. Lost 40 pounds
  7. Redesigned my blog. I love how it came out.
  8. Started going on monthly dates with my husband after talking about it for a few years
  9. Found a moms' group that made me feel comfortable and loved (and one that didn't)
  10. Sponsored two new kids through Compassion (Julia and Blanca joined Evelyn, who we've sponsored for more than two years)
  11. Became a Compassion Advocate to help spread the word about kids in living in poverty throughout the world
  12. Helped bloggers to improve their search engine optimization
  13. Started working a set schedule even though I work from home
  14. Officially started teaching Grace kindergarten at home
  15. Took my friend Mel's Content Brew course (I highly recommend it!)
  16. Started taking Gracie to therapy for her anxiety
  17. Got baptized and became a member of my church
  18. Started working for AboutOne as an SEO specialist
  19. Visited Salt Lake City, Utah and loved it
  20. Attended a women's retreat with other women from my church. It was life changing.
  21. Got a fancy new washer and dryer
  22. Led a weight-loss-related Bible study at my church
    Penn State Blue-White Game
  23. Took the girls to the Penn State Blue-White game
  24. Took Grace canoeing
  25. Planted and tended a large garden (large for suburbia, anyway)
    Pride of the Susquehanna
  26. Took the girls on boat ride on the Pride of the Susquehanna
  27. Got new headshots
    Visited Old Grandma's House
  28. Visited Old Grandma
  29. Built a fairy garden with Grace. It doesn't look like this any more; it's better!
  30. Experienced an ambulance ride and a scary ER visit with Allie
  31. Raised sea monkeys and raised and released butterflies
  32. Made a friend I love as if she were my sister. She's been life changing, too.

So. What have you done this year?

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3 thoughts on “32 Things I Did in My 32nd Year”

  1. This is a great list! Your head shot looks fabulous.
    I’m 40 next year…perhaps I shall start thinking about what I’d like to be doing in my 39th year.


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