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Teaching Morals to a Kindergartener (featuring the We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit)

We Choose Virtues

I met Heather McMillan, creator of  We Choose Virtues, at the 2:1 Conference in April. We connected over Harrisburg (she lives in Harrisburg, OR), and we both knew we’d become friends. She wrote a guest post on fear in May, and we decided that I would review her Homeschool Kit over the summer.

The We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit contains a lot of materials: posters, flashcards, teaching cards, stickers, and more, plus a coloring book and a Teacher’s Handbook, both in PDF.

We Choose Virtues

How We’re Using We Choose Virtues

At first, I wasn’t sure exactly how to use all of the awesome materials we got. The Teacher’s Handbook is thorough and explains how to set up a learning environment, but I got frustrated that I couldn’t find explicit instructions for how to get started. Fortunately, Heather was just an email away and directed me to the How It Works page.

I chose I am Kind as my first virtue.

We Choose Virtues

I started the week by giving Grace the coloring page. We colored it together, then I showed Grace the front of the card. We read it together. I read the Kids of VirtueVille sketch on the back, and then we talked about what kindness looks like with our friends, family, and pets.

We Choose Virtues

The back of the card suggested creating a kindness poster with a “please don’t” and a “please do” list for each member of the family, so we did that together. I thought it would be a fabulous exercise for getting to know my husband and my kids better, and I was eager to get started.

We also hung some of our posters on the wall next to Grace’s doll house.

We Choose Virtues

We read over the front of the card every day for a week, then we switched to I am Gentle. We followed the same plan: coloring sheet, reading the card, talking about the activities on the back, and then going over the card every day at the beginning of school.

We Choose Virtues

Per Heather’s suggestion, we’ll study one virtue per week until we’ve been introduced to all of them. After that, we’ll talk about a different virtue for a few minutes at the beginning of each school day.

Our Thoughts on We Choose Virtues

I love these materials more now than when I first saw them. They are very well made from high quality materials, well worth the cost. The graphics are bright and eye-catching, and the kids are interesting and clever and make me smile.

Grace adores We Choose Virtues. She likes the characters, and she enjoys learning about the traits. She asks to talk about them.

At the pet store last week, Grace said, Hey! Those are gerbils! It’s just like Gerbil Jill! She’s internalizing the information, and that’s my ultimate goal.

If you are a parent, I recommend you buy We Choose Virtues – at least the cards – and use them.  You and your kids will learn a lot, and your lives will be so much better.

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How have you taught your kids morals?


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5 thoughts on “Teaching Morals to a Kindergartener (featuring the We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit)”

  1. I’m intrigued and will check this out. Some friends and I were just talking about this subject at a dinner party recently so the idea of teaching values (explicitly) is timely for me. I like to think I model virtues for my kids, but sometimes their fighting reminds me that shouting “remember the Golden Rule” at them isn’t enough! Thank you!

  2. Glad I found this, I’ll have to look into this! We have a 6 yr. old and no we haven’t done anything uber specific about teaching morals other than the sorts of things that come up as we study the Bible with him each night…or situationally like when his baby brother swats him and we need to teach him in-the-moment what being gentle looks like. =) I’m always on the hunt for new ways to really bring these things home, so this looks like a very cool option to look into. Thanks for sharing! =)

  3. So, you got the kit for $99?! Does that include everything you really need and how long does this all last going at the rate you and your daughter used it??:) thanks!

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