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Best Friends

This morning, like most mornings, I woke up being pushed out of my bed by Gracie’s attempts at cuddling. Allie was crying, so I jumped up, made a bottle (She’s 17-months-old; I know!), and grabbed Allie out of her crib.

Because Grace, Joe, and I did a super fun must-be-dark activity (that you’ll read about soon) last night, Grace was exhausted and still sound asleep.

Allie seemed drowsy, too, so I took her back to my bed and laid her between Grace and I. She happily drank her milk and babbled.

Her vocabulary at the moment:

iss (this), mommy/momma, da (dad), kitty, cat (applies to all animals apparently – gerbils, bunnies, dogs, horses – all cat!), Zu (one of our cats), Sa-ee (another of our cats), bye, uh oh, more, duh (for Grandma), hi, hey, cee (for Gracie), whee!, nigh (nice),

She says a lot more things, but most of them are unintelligible to me. She nods yes and shakes her head no. She signs more and all done occasionally, when she feels like it, but not consistently.

When she started saying Cee! Cee!, her mission didn’t register at first.

Then she rolled over and started patting her sister. A moment too late, I realized she was intentionally waking Gracie up.

Why did God grace me with two early birds, I wondered, knowing they were both awake for the day. It was just after 7 – much better than 6:05 (when they started yesterday) – but still earlier than I would like. I grumbled silently.

Whilst I grumbled, Grace’s eyes began to flutter open, and Allie threw both arms around Grace’s neck. CEE! she squealed, as if she’d seen her best friend for the first time in years.

I forgot about the early hour, thankful for two sisters wrapped up in hugs and smooches and giggles.

I hope they’re always so glad to see each other.

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1 thought on “Best Friends”

  1. Sweet Pea is now 21 months old and still does the night time bottle thing. She used to call all animals “goggy”. Now, we have birdies and goggies and the distinction I still don’t understand lol. What sweet girls you have and I am so glad you are enjoying their special sister moments!

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