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5 Projects for Tackling Your Family’s Clutter This Summer

I almost never accept guest posts, but when this one arrived in my email, I was excited! I couldn't wait to read it and learn how to tackle my family's clutter (because you know we've got laundry baskets full of clutter over here). I hope you like it.

So you've got kids, and lots of stuff. I know how it goes. Now that school's out, this is the perfect time to take a hard look at all the things they have and all the clutter your family has built up.How to Tackle Clutter

Here are just a few ideas for summer projects for organizing your house while your kids are at home and have ample time to contribute.

Project 1: Sort Your Stuff

For each child, designate time that you'll comb through his or her room. Take a hard look at everything and organize it into 3 groups:

  • Stuff you access frequently
  • Stuff you access once in a while and
  • Stuff you never access.

Move the stuff you rarely use out-of-sight, perhaps to a high closet shelf or the attic. Then, organize the frequently used stuff on your shelves and storage space. As for the rest of the stuff, see the next item.

Project 2: Donate What You No Longer Need

Your house is probably filled with old memorabilia, outfits, and tchotchkes that are now gathering dust. Make it a family project to gather and donate them. Examples:

  • Sports memorabilia: Lamb Awards will accept your old trophies, either recycling them or donating them.
  • Gowns: Your daughter can make a big difference for another girl by donating her recently used gowns. Groups like Project Princess ensure girls of all economic backgrounds can enjoy stylish pageant dresses.
  • Worn linens: If your closets are filled with old sheets and tattered towels, drop them off at your local animal shelter. Make it a family trip, so your kids can see for themselves the impact theyíre making.

Project 3: Streamline Your Kids Artwork

Instead of letting your kidsí artwork pile up, make it a project to gather each piece and memorialize it with a photo. Use software to add records of each pieceís creator and year. Then, you can recycle or throw old art projects, guilt-free.

Project 4: Clean the Garage

At least once a year, make it a habit to comb through all the stuff thatís piled up in your garage. Even if you donít do a full-scale reorganization, you can donate the things you donít use any more and free up space. While you may want to do the heavy-lifting, let your kids help you decide what should stay and go.

Project 5: Create a System for Tracking Chores

Donít let all that summer organizing go to waste! Keep up your household not only by involving your children, but by implementing a system. Use the summer time to create and try out different methods (if the first one you try doesnít work). Here are a few ways to handle this:

  • Pen-and-Paper: Create a chore chart with your kidsí names or download one online. Hang it on the fridge.
  • Phone and Web Apps: Different apps take different approaches. Homeroutines offers a room-by-room to-do list, while Cozi lets everyone in the family sync their chores through its app or its website. You Rule Chores, meanwhile, assigns each kid a cartoon superhero whose powers grow as tasks are completed.
  • Creative Ideas: If traditional lists or fancy apps just arenít doing it for you, check out some of these chore chart ideas, one of which involves a shoe rack and index cards.

How are you tackling clutter this summer?

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