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Things to Write Home About – Mother’s Day 2012

I wrote a very nice introduction to this post, and then I deleted it by accident (is there any other way?). This introduction isn’t as nice, but it will have to do.

I used to write a weekly post here every Sunday called Things to Write Home About. I don’t remember exactly when I stopped writing it, but it was always one of my favorite posts each week.

To gather the 20-25 posts I shared in Things to Write Home About, I’d scan a few hundred posts in Google Reader. I stopped because I couldn’t spend that kind of time (on the weekend no less) to cull the number of posts I wanted to include.

Inspired by Tsh (who I’d really like to call my friend even though we’ve only met once), I am bringing Things to Write Home About back.

I’m not going to include as many posts as before. I work and blog and mother and homeschool, and I just can’t.

I am going to include a few posts. It’ll give me a good excuse to see what my friends and other bloggers are up to, and I am delighted to be able to share it with you.

Here’s what I found this week:

Parenting & Having Fun As A Family

Cooking: Recipes & Kitchen Tips

  • I am going to make the overripe bananas on my kitchen table into Hawaiian pineapple banana bread thanks to a tip from my friend Lisa
  • I am already harvesting cilantro from my garden, and I’m in the mood for slow cooker pork carnitas.

Home Management

  • 7 reasons your kitchen counters are cluttered. I think Joshua Becker has been peeking into my home.

Crafts & Other Projects

  • I have a glut of chocolate mint growing in my back flowerbed that will be perfect for making peppermint foot scrubs (or peppermint tea or peppermint bath or…).



Have you posted something this week that was worth writing Home about? Send me the link, and maybe you’ll see it here next Sunday!

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3 thoughts on “Things to Write Home About – Mother’s Day 2012”

  1. Thanks for including my pork carnitas in your list! This is a great idea, btw.

  2. What a pleasant surprise! I was so excited to see “Things to Write Home About” in my email just now. I couldn’t wait to see what great links you wrote about. I have missed your weekly post and always enjoyed visiting the links you highlighted. Then, an extra blessing when I realized you mentioned my post!!! Thank you Tara. You are so sweet. I love that after 4 years of blogging, I can still call you a my friend. 🙂

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