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Safeskin Kids Sports Wrap Wrap-Up

safeskin kids sports wrap review

We've been playing doctor for a couple of weeks now. Grace wraps me up, and I wrap her up.

Well, we were doing that, but then she skinned her knee (for the third time so far this year), and she needed it wrapped up for real.

We used a Safeskin® Kids Sport Wrap. It's a rubber and latex-free solution that acts like an Ace bandage to cushion, support, and protect all sorts of injuries, but sticks to itself as to not need a metal clip. It's also the first colored sports wrap designed just for kids and teens.

I know I mentioned this is my first post about the Kids Sport Wrap, but it's worth repeating. This is a great product to put in your car's first aid kit. Because it's self adhesive, water-resistant, reusable, latex free, and doesn't need clips or pins to secure it in place, I'll be able to use it for an injury whether we're hiking, at the playground, or swimming. The Kids Sports Wrap, some band-aids, and some gauze, and I'm set for all of the normal kid injuries.

Safeskin Kids Sports Wrap is available for $3.94 at Walmart. You can also  download a 50 cents off coupon when you Like Safeskin's Facebook page.

Please use your brain when applying any stretchy bandage. Don't wrap it too tightly. If it's uncomfortable or hinders circulation, take it off and wrap it again.

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