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Our New Diapers (featuring Huggies Snug & Dry)

Since Allie was born, we have used cloth diapers. Needing to find the most economical diapering solution, we spent $100 on prefold diapers and diaper covers. Joe and I washed diapers every other day, and we made it work for over 15 months.

Then my dad noticed that Allie, who had been walking for almost 6 months, wasn't walking correctly. When she walked, her legs stuck out much further than is normal. My cloth diapers were holding her legs out and forcing her to waddle.

Until my dad pointed it out, I had never noticed.

Once I noticed, I couldn't see anything else.

The next afternoon, I drove to Walmart, and I bought a big box of Huggies Sung & Dry diapers, and we've used them ever since. Allie went from waddling to sprinting in about three weeks, further confirmation that her diapers were impeding her movement.

Huggies Snug & Dry reviewI want to be as frugal as I can be, but I won't do it at the expense of my daughter's development. I had experimented with several different folds and tried to reduce the bulk between Allie's legs, but nothing was snug enough. Every fold and twist I tried pushed her legs apart.

Around the same time, Allie had developed a diaper rash that wouldn't heal. I tried my favorite diaper rash cream. It didn't work, so I tried four others. Each time, the rash improved through the day while I changed Allie's diaper every hour or two, but it would come back, red and angry as ever every morning, after a long night in a wet diaper.

Huggies keep babies' skin dry by wicking urine away from the skin; cloth diapers hold urine next to the skin, keeping the skin wet. Having a dry bottom most of the time allowed Allie's skin to recover.

The day after we started using Huggies, Allie's rash began to disappear, not to return. We haven't had any significant rashes since.

The movement and diaper rash were reason enough for us to stick with Huggies, but we have noticed one more benefit. While we were using cloth diapers, leaks were a fact of life. I could leave a diaper on Allie for 2-3 hours (as long as she didn't have a rash), but any more, and the diaper would saturate and pee would leak out all over the place.

We had gotten used to traveling with a couple of spare outfits and a wet bag big enough to hold pee-soaked clothes. It was annoying, but a fact of life.

Now that we're using Huggies Snug & Dry, we don't have leaks. I still finding myself checking Allie's legs and bottom to see if they're wet, but they never are.

I thought we would use cloth diapers forever. Really, I did. I was committed to saving as much money as I could save.

Parenting isn't always about intentions though, is it? Sometimes, parenting is about recognizing your kid's needs and adjusting accordingly. I hope I can always be flexible enough to abandon something I believe in when it's not right for my kid.

And also? Huggies are way easier than cloth diapers.


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This post is part of a Mom Central campaign for Huggies. Though I received product samples to review and a promotional item to thank me for participating, we had switched to Huggies a few weeks earlier and had been purchasing Huggies diapers on our own dime.

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3 thoughts on “Our New Diapers (featuring Huggies Snug & Dry)”

  1. I used cloth diapers until my second was born when the first was 20 months. I was just too overwhelmed to deal with them at that point. But I’m proud of the months we did use them and the money saved! You have to do what works!

  2. I have seen the same thing with cloth versus disposable diapers, among my friends and myself. I have seen babies walking with strange gaits, and also babies with rashes. In my own experience, rashes are much less common with disposable diapers. I have heard of others having the opposite experience, but it has been true for all five of my kids. I just do not think the frugality of cloth is worth it, to me.

    • Thanks for commenting. The frugality was worth it for us for a long time. We were able to use the same $100 worth of diapers for over a year. Add to that extra water and soap costs, and I still think we came out way ahead. But, like you said, once she started walking, it wasn’t worth it any more.

      One more thing. Our pediatrician told us that rashes are much less common in cloth diapered babies. I don’t know how much truth there is to that, or if it could be another thing that changes as they get older.

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