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Allie and the iPad

I found this video while I was looking for a photo to go with tomorrow’s post (about Huggies). It makes me laugh.

Allie is like a moth to a flame where electronics are concerned. She wants the tv to be on all day. She can find my iPhone and the iPad no matter where I hide them.

It’s not unusual for her to sit in the living room, using the iPad (correctly!) for 10 minutes or more. She just does it.

Usually, her magnetic attraction vexes me. I want her to play with some toys, but on this day, I thought it was funny. I grabbed my phone and took this video.

iPhones take video that’s really tall, and when I cropped it, it went a little out of focus. Watch it anyway.

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4 thoughts on “Allie and the iPad”

  1. When I got my iPad for Mother’s Day, I bought the warranty because I knew my kids would use it at least as much as I would! They’re a bit older – my youngest is 7 – but still…

    • Yes! I did, too, and I don’t usually buy those extended warranties. We also have a cover that cost $80 (I can’t remember the brand.) but is endorsed by the Army for sand and water protection as well as drop protection. It’s been good so far.

  2. That’s my youngest, too. He’s actually taken to “stealing” my iDevices and hiding them from me so he can use them and I can’t. It’s crazy how much they know!

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