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Simplify Your Life by Covering Up Your Band-aids (featuring Safeskin Kid Sports Wrap & a $100 giveaway)

safeskin kids sports wrap reviewIs there a child in the world who doesn’t delight in her scrapes and bumps in a strange way? Who doesn’t celebrate her booboos in a thinly veiled plea for pity and bandages?

Please tell me that your kids do this. If they don’t, mine must be weird, and that cannot possibly be the case.

Look at her mother, after all.

Maybe you shouldn’t.

Let’s move on.

My kid looks at her booboos. She examines them. She shows them to everyone she meets, giving a detailed explanation of the incident in which the wound occurred and a thorough report of the healing process.

And oh! to! get! a! bandage! That is the pinnacle of childhood trauma, is it not?

(To read the following correctly, you have to say it really fast and wave your hands around for emphasis.) See this booboo, right here? I got it when I was running in my flip-flops and I tripped and fell on the sidewalk but I landed on the driveway by the car and when I fell, I scraped my hands and my knees and my foot right here, see? I was bleeding all over the place!

The idea of the bandage is to keep the wound clean and promote healing, right? Do you know what happens next?

If your kid is anything like mine, she removes the bandage over and over and over and over again. It is just too tempting.

After the second or third time, she requires a new bandage because the old one (having been repeatedly abused) no longer sticks.

Mo-o-om! I was checking on my booboo, and my bandage fell right off!safeskin kids sports wrap review

It’s exasperating, but exasperating in the cutest, most endearing way possible.

I may get twitchy at the thought of wasted band-aids.

Just saying.

I have found a life simplifying, band-aid preserving solution, thanks to Safeskin® Kids Sport Wrap.

Kids Sport Wrap is like an Ace bandage but colored. Both Grace and I have latex allergies; this is latex-free. It’s a little stretchy, and it sticks to itself (awesome since those little clip thingies get lost and stepped on by the adults in the home). Best of all, the Kids Sports Wrap is brightly colored – red or blue.

Grace loves the color. A plain old beige wrap will not do for this kid.

On the package, it says that the Kids Sports Wrap is excellent for first aid applications like securing bandages or splints and protecting and cushioning wounds (though not intended to have direct contact with broken skin – use a band-aid or gauze or something underneath). I say it’s excellent for protecting and hiding band-aids and for appeasing bandage-obsessed children. This looks like a serious injury, does it not?

Available for $3.94 at Walmart, Kids Sports Wrap is inexpensive enough to heal booboos too small to see, soothe tender spirits, and play doctor. {Plus, when you Like Safeskin’s Facebook page, you can download a 50 cents off coupon.} Grace has already wrapped Momma’s tired ankle in this red wrap several times. Today.

Kidding aside, the Kids Sports Wrap is not a frivolous novelty; I put one in my car’s first aid kit. Because it’s self adhesive, water-resistant, reusable, latex free, and doesn’t need clips or pins to secure it in place, I’ll be able to use it for an injury whether we’re hiking, at the playground, or swimming. The Kids Sports Wrap, some band-aids, and some gauze, and I’m set for all of the normal kid injuries.

Please use your brain when applying any stretchy bandage. Don’t wrap it too tightly. If it’s uncomfortable or hinders circulation, take it off and wrap it again.

Win a $100 Walmart Gift Card!

Kimberly-Clark Professional is providing me with a $100 Walmart gift card to give away to one lucky Feels Like Home reader!

To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment explaining how you would use a Safeskin Kids Sports Wrap with your kids.

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42 thoughts on “Simplify Your Life by Covering Up Your Band-aids (featuring Safeskin Kid Sports Wrap & a $100 giveaway)”

  1. Knowing my kids, we’d probably use it most often for a slingshot. Or to play doctor. Guess we’d better get more than one, huh? That way I’ll at least have one to put in the first aid kit. 😉

  2. Safeskin Kids Sports Wraps would be great for DDs. They play soccer and these would be handy to protect their knees.

  3. I would use this for soccer, for their knees and other creases place a band-aid is tough to stick on for long. My kids would love to just play with this though for pretend!

  4. I too am allergic to LATEX and am glad to see more latex free stuff available for at home use. I’d use this mostly for my 11 year old granddaughter. She LOVES this wrap, but of course IF I needed some…..

    Just a small correction on ur post (which is GREAT b.t.w.) you state “Kids Sport Wrap is like an Ace bandage, but made of natural rubber. Both Grace and I have latex allergies; the rubber is latex-free.” This should read something like “… but made of SYNTHETIC rubber …” As it is right now it is contradictory.

    Thanks so much for the give-a-way chance!

  5. I think my husband would actually use these the most…lol He is constantly getting minor injuries either outside of repairing things in the house. He’s not very careful and always in a hurry….what a guy 🙂

  6. Well, I don’t have kids, but my puppy just broke his leg and requires weekly bandage changes. I’m going to search this out a bit to see if it might be suitable for him.

  7. I would use it for my boys… they love to play football and inevitably fall, dive to catch the ball, hurdle the dog while trying to catch the ball…

  8. I would use when we are playing softball and my daughter wrist gets sore

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

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