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What Would You Do Without A Good Thermometer?

Had you noticed that things here aren’t quite normal? There’s been a lot going on. My aunt passed away. My 3-month-old laptop died and required servicing. My kids have been passing germs back and forth and watching too much tv.

Between the illnesses and my computer being gone, I missed a whole week of blog posts. A whole week!

Anyway, last week’s virus caused Allie’s temperature to vault above 103; it did the same to Grace earlier this week.

I knew the illnesses were caused by a virus; I’d taken Allie to the doctor. His instructions were normal virus stuff: extra fluids, lots of rest, monitor her temperature, give Tylenol as needed.

I am neurotic about monitoring my kids’ temperatures when they’re sick. It’s obsessive. I take their temperatures when their faces look red, when they shiver, when they sigh breathe.

I worry that someone’s temperature will get too high, that someone will become an emergency. Is that normal? I hope everyone isn’t this paranoid.

I have three different thermometers, just in case. I have a favorite, but I keep the other two around just in case.

I cannot imagine my angst if I couldn’t take my kids’ temperature.

What if I couldn’t afford to buy a thermometer?

Some parents can’t. They have to chose between medicines and groceries. They have to short change the gas money to pay the mortgage. It happens.

By the grace of God go I, my mother used to say.

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1 thought on “What Would You Do Without A Good Thermometer?”

  1. I am sorry to hear about your recent situations Tara 🙁

    I think it’s ok to be concerend about the kids temperature, especially when they are kids! I think for people who have trouble finding the money to purchase a thermometer the enxt best thing is Nutrition and what I mean by that is making sure your kids are consuming real food (as natural as possible). Our body was grown naturally so however we grow up, we should consume natural foods also.

    I wish you and your family all the best hun!

    Holly X

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