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My Beautiful Baby

Allie is a real character.

Sometimes, I wonder whether Allie is more spirited, more independent, more strong-willed than Grace was at this age or if I’ve simply forgotten how charismatic and animated Grace was.

I think Grace was bigger, more mature, more a little girl than a baby at 13 months. Was she more verbal? I think she was.

Allie doesn’t talk much. She says a few things, that, this, cat, woah, hey, hi, oh, Dada, Momma. She said Sissy today for the first time. Sometimes, she puts things together like hey cat! but mostly, she still babbles.

Is she less verbal or do I have less time to pay attention to all of her sounds and words?

Allie is a baby. She still wants to be held most of the time. She dislikes her stroller, preferring to be cuddled or to run around on her own feet.

Allie is mischievous, playful, volatile. She throws big fits. Joe thinks she smacked him the other day; I know she pushed Grace today.

She likes to page through books, and she has a few favorite toys that she goes after over and over again. She especially likes Grace’s doll house.

And marbles. Allie can find a stray marble or bead anywhere in the house and pop it into her mouth without being noticed. She rolls it around in her mouth until I notice and ask her what she’s in her mouth. Then she smiles and spits it into my hand.

I don’t even get freaked out anymore because it happens all the time.

Allie makes faces at me. She wrinkles up her nose and laughs a silly growly laugh just like Grace used to, and I love it. She also has an I know I’m doing something I’m not allowed to do. laugh. I love that one, too.

Even though my natural tendency is to compare everything Allie does to everything Grace did, I know she is her own person. She’s unique.

I like her that way.

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2 thoughts on “My Beautiful Baby”

  1. She is so sweet…her blue eyes are GORGEOUS!!

    My second is also less talkative than my first. Maybe the poor things have given up on trying to get a word in! 😉

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