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I Found My Bliss

Late last week, I saw Tweets from two of my favorite bloggers about missing Blissdom, the blogging conference going on this weekend in Nashville. There was pouting, disappointment. Much more than those two, blogger all over the United States are pining for the fun they’re missing.

I understand the feelings. I was there a few years ago.Found My Bliss

Pouting at home, I mean, not at the actual conference.

At that moment, I decided that I would make this weekend at home about bliss, too.

My life is awesome. I bet your life is pretty awesome, too, when you sit down and take stock of it.

I got together with a few of my blogging friends, and we decided to host a blogging party called Found My Bliss. Here’s my contribution to the party:

A few months ago, I published a post called I am Not a Saint.

I wrote:

I composed this blog post in my mind today, right after Grace pummeled Allie but before I picked up the living room floor for the seventh time. It was just that kind of day.

I daydreamed about what it would be like to go back to work, to put my girls in day care and miss the meltdowns and the skirmishes and the tantrums. And to go to the bathroom by myself.

But if I missed the meltdowns and the skirmishes and the tantrums, I’d miss the smooches and the hugs and the giggles, too. I’d miss the impromptu fancy lunches and the tickling and the cuddling with a book.

I’d miss my kids.

I’d miss their childhood.

And herein lies my bliss.

A few weeks ago, my friend Amanda sent me these window stickers:

blissful mothering

When my living room looks like a disaster area, I am still doing a great work. I am growing a person, teaching her to be kind and gentle to people and animals. She is learning patience and joy, love and responsibility.

Teaching her housework will come later.

blissful mothering

When she is eating chocolate pudding, I am still doing a great work. I am growing a person, teaching her to savor life’s pleasures, to indulge in moderation. She is learning how to express herself and be sill, to have fun and to laugh.

blissful mothering

When we are having a special lunch out, I am still doing a great work. I am growing people, teaching them to celebrate every day, to live and love without reservation. They are learning to be grateful and to live in the moment, that they’re special and very very loved.

found my bliss

Being their mother is and will always be my bliss.

What’s yours?

I love them because that’s how I feel. I am doing a great work here.

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8 thoughts on “I Found My Bliss”

  1. Raising children is hard work, but so amazing too. I’ve always loved your “mom ways” and how much work you put into your household. Your children and husband are blessed and you’ll be rewarded ten fold. Thanks for organizing this. I really needed it.

  2. Oh how wonderful it would be to be at Blissdom…. But instead I am fully content to be laying on the couch, feeling my baby kick in my belly, and FINALLY connecting with some of the wonderful women I met at Relevant (can I still call it that???). Can you believe that I’m only NOW going through my business cards. Shame on me.

    And shame on all of us for not getting our act together for another local blogging get together! We’ve got to do this again before baby #2 comes along!

    • You are exactly right, Rebekah! I didn’t even realize that it was supposed to be *this* weekend. I’m also quite content to be at home and not traveling today. Sometimes, I feel like my kids’ childhood is too short for me to be traveling around the country without them. I just feel weird about it.

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