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The Magic Elf Becomes the Magic Gingerbread Girl

Every Christmas, I think about getting an Elf on the Shelf. A few years ago, I reviewed elves from Elf Magic, even, but they were played with and eventually lost.

This year, Grace is old enough to understand the concept and anticipate the surprise each new day brings. She saw photos of someone else's Elf on the Shelf, and she wanted to hear every detail of every hiding place, every mischievous act, every mess made.

I realized, in that moment on the Sunday before Christmas, that I really wanted to make it work this year.

My sister and I went off to Target in search of said elf, but there was no elf to be found. There was nothing that even resembled an elf.

What I found instead was a moose, a snowman, and a gingerbread man.

I thought that Mrs. Santa would probably send someone from her kitchen, someone like a gingerbread man that I overhauled to be a gingerbread girl. Right?

I wrote a letter, thanks to the printables at this site, and stuck the gingerbread girl – named Cookie – in the Christmas tree.

Magic Elf Ideas

When Grace found it, she was delighted. Ecstatic. All she could talk about was the impending mischief Cookie would cause.

Knowing that Christmas is almost here, I thought that you might need ideas for your elves or gingerbread girls or whomever.

Magic Elf Ideas

  1. Read a book or do whatever your kid likes to do. The very first thing that Cookie did at our house was to curl up on Clarice's bed and read Grace's favorite Christmas book.
    Elf on the Shelf Ideas
  2. Write his or her name. Write it everywhere, on every surface. I used a bath crayon to write Cookie's name on the bathroom mirror, on the turtle's tank, and on the china cabinet in the dining room. I even wrote Cookie on the high chair with chocolate chips.
    Elf on the Shelf Ideas
  3. Be silly. I use food color in everything. Cookie dyed our milk pink. She dyed our water blue. She dyed the toilet water purple. Apple juice turned purple in the glass.
    Magic Elf Ideas
  4. Marshmallow bath. Cookie took a bath on our living room table, in a bowl of marshmallows. They reminded her of home.
    Elf on the Shelf Ideas
  5. Make a snow angel. This one was a flop at our house, but I thought it was really cool.
    Magic Elf Ideas
  6. Look up. Hang your magic elf from the ceiling, from a light, from a ceiling fan. Cookie hung upside down from our kissing ball.
    Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Some other ideas I've had (since I've been at this for two whole days so far) are to take pictures of Cookie around the house, to stick her in the freezer (to remind her of the North Pole), and to put her headfirst in a bag of M&Ms.

Where do you put your elf (or gingerbread girl)?

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